Living with Zero Waste Award, the 21 winners

They are Municipalities, companies, schools, associations and citizens that promote waste prevention, the circular economy, biodiversity, sustainable mobility, the values ​​of the Mediterranean Diet and scientific and non-fiction dissemination.

There are twenty-one, divided into twelve categories that involve Municipalities, businesses, schools, associations and citizens who promote waste prevention, circular economy, biodiversity, sustainable mobility, the values ​​of the Mediterranean Diet and scientific and non-fiction dissemination, the winners of the ninth edition of the Vivere Award at #sprecozero 2021, the little ‘Oscars’ of sustainability of the Last Minute Market Zero Waste campaign.

Public entities

In the historic category dedicated to Public entities and their waste prevention projects, combined with partner Alce Nero, goes to the municipality of Milan the Special Prize for the widespread promotion of the #sprecozero culture in the city and its suburbs, in particular for the food policy project of the neighborhood hubs against food waste that help citizens in difficulty with a virtuous system of food collection and distribution . Public Administration Award 2021 al Municipality of Avigliana of the metropolitan city of Turin, for projects to recover food from school and company canteens, unsold items from the market and food from small retailers and large-scale retailers.


In the category Businesses combined with Conapi wins Mutti, leader in tomato processing, which recovers and recycles 81% of waste, allocating fresh raw material not suitable for processing to farms or biogas, a concrete example of a circular economy.


In the category Biodiversity combined with Natura Nuova, the Special Prize goes to Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Biodiversity and the Parks for the constant commitment to protect the environment, nature and agri-food with surveillance on the national territory and goes to beeTObee the 2021 Award for innovative educational and didactic laboratories on the themes of ecology and sustainability, offered in a playful and multimedia form.

Non-fiction, sustainability pages

For the category ‘Non-fiction, sustainability pages‘, combined with Eni, the Vivere a #sprecozero 2021 Award goes to the scientist, academic and popularizer Stefano Mancuso author of the book ‘The plant of the world’ (Laterza). Special Mention in the same category for Anna Perin and his’ The magic table. Out of the ordinary recycling adventures’ (Sensitive to leaves).

Mediterranean diet

The Vivere a #sprecozero 2021 Award for the promotion of the culture of Mediterranean diet, combined with partner Assomela, goes to anthropologists, writers and journalists Elisabetta Moro and Marino Niola, co-directors of the Virtual Museum of the Mediterranean Diet and MedEatResearch – Center for social research on the Mediterranean diet.


In the category Citizens combined with Thinkabout srl, it goes to Municipality of Prato and the Bangladesh Social Promotion Association of the city the Special Prize #sprecozero Cittadini, for having undertaken a path of sharing the different food traditions that characterize the communities of origin. Citizens of the Jury Award atAssociation ‘Codes – Center for Citizen’s Rights’ Emilia Romagna, a network of local branches dedicated to citizens in the fields of health, safety, legality, justice, guidance on the choice of products and services, education in the use of money and consumption based on the principles of ethical and environmental sustainability. Special Mention to the small town Sonia Mazzero for its anti-waste advice and good daily practices for the recycling and reuse of food leftovers and waste.


In the category Innovaction combined with Hera, the prize goes to Squiseat, an anti-waste app able to connect catering activities with end customers, making it possible to sell unsold products at half price, guaranteeing a profit for the restaurateur and a sustainable meal for the customer.


Ex aequo for the category Schools, category combined with Conad: they win the Grazia Deledda Kindergarten School of Bologna for the project that wrote and set to music the nursery rhyme ‘Mariolino and Serenella’ on the themes of respect for the environment, separate collection and waste reduction, together with‘Comprehensive Sandro Pertini Institute of Voghera which, through the laboratory ‘Eating correctly while respecting the environment’, has made children and parents aware of recycling and the fight against waste, well-being and physical and mental health.


Another ex aequo in the category Associations combined with Camst: the 2021 award goes to La Lanterna di Diogene onlus social cooperative of Solara di Bomporto, in the province of Modena, an agritourism where some people with disabilities who take care of the vegetable garden and breeding up to the table have found opportunities for growth, work, inclusion and sharing. And atNoixVoi OdV association, excellence for the articulated waste prevention and recovery and redistribution activities, advocate of the first Solidarity Emporium called Legàmi.

Circular economy

In the category Circular Economy combined with Conai wins the work of researcher Martina Derito who has carried out a project on the organic waste produced daily in the Ballarò market in Palermo, with solutions for the reuse of organic waste and the redevelopment of the area. Special Mention in the same category for Newpal Spa, the company that deals with the molding, through innovative machinery, of high quality pallets made of recycled plastic, allowing you to completely close the circle of Tetra Pak recovery.

Fruit and vegetables

Central to the history of the Vivere a Spreco Zero Award is the category dedicated toFruit and vegetables: wins the 2021 Award combined with Unitec Op Secondulfo the innovative plant at the service of environmental sustainability and the elimination of waste of product and resources that Unitec Peach Vision 3 uses by dividing the fruit into ripening classes, so that the food is destined for the correct use of fruition.

Sustainable mobility

The Kinto Share project promoted by Kinto Italia Spa of the Toyota group finally wins in the category of sustainable mobility combined with the Morini Group: this is an innovative car sharing service with hybrid cars that has significantly contributed to reducing the impact on air quality. The Jury Prize goes to the start up Celeriferous conceived by a group of very young developers, born from an innovative alliance between the companies Rcm SpA and Andreoli C., the FabLab in Fiorano and the A. Ferrari Institute of Higher Education in Maranello, where the first prototype was built, the zero-emission three-wheel electromuscular velocipede for work transport and urban light mobility that is transformed for various uses into Cporto (Cargo Bike), Ctaxi (Passenger transport), Cspazzo (Micropulizia), Cgiro (Accompaniment for the disabled).

Appointment for the award ceremony for the 2021 Living in Zero Waste Award Friday 26 November from 4 pm in Bologna, in the municipal seat of Palazzo d’Accursio (Sala Anziani, Piazza Maggiore 6), with live streaming on the Youtube channel of the Zero Waste Campaign.