Lnd and Macron still together, renewed partnership until 2025

The agreement provides for the supply of all technical clothing, accessories, race uniforms and technical material

Macron and the National Amateur League (Lnd) today formalized the renewal of the partnership until 2025 in Rome at the Lnd headquarters. The agreement provides for the supply of all technical clothing, accessories, match uniforms, technical material for the national headquarters, Regional Committees, the Provincial Delegations, the Beach Soccer Department, the Serie D Representatives (which takes part in the Viareggio Cup), the Lnd National Representatives Under 18, Under 17, Under 16 and Under 15 and for all the teams participating in the Juniores Cup The established relationship also provides for the supply of soccer balls (for a total of around 60 thousand) for national and regional championships, for men and women, as well as for national and regional teams. Also present in the service is futsal for the regional championships, which joins the supply of balls for the beach soccer championship that has been in place since the beginning of the collaboration.

“I greet with pleasure and genuine satisfaction this important partnership with Macron, which shares values ​​and a spirit of self-sacrifice with the Lega Nazionale Dilettanti in achieving its objectives. For years now, the Bolognese company has represented one of the greatest excellences in Made in Italy, with a strong international value which constitutes an added value for the image of our movement. I am therefore happy to consolidate and expand a relationship which, I am sure, will continue to be greatly appreciated by staff and athletes”. This was stated by the President of the National Amateur League Giancarlo Abete at the presentation of the renewal of the partnership with Macron until 2025. “An agreement partly in line with the past, but which also extends to the supply of balls in the relationship as well as clothing Macron is a prestigious Italian company and for us it is a source of satisfaction to have this type of relationship. Precisely because of the typology of the NLD, the agreement tends to expand to the logic of values. The NLD, also taking into consideration the youth sector, has one million and 35,000 members, 11,500 clubs and about 50,000 teams. This partnership is important to us, to which we have tried to give a greater perspective”, added Abete. “As Lnd we are present, in the various activities, both in international relations and in terms of growth opportunities for members also among boys and girls. We are pleased to expand an already solid agreement with Macron. In 23-24 and 24-25 we will give depth to this project, hoping to combine the testimony of the growth dimension of young people”, concluded Abete.

“I am very pleased to be here. It’s beautiful when we start a relationship but it’s even more beautiful when it’s renewed, because we’ve lived up to expectations and we’ve been correct and right travel companions. I really like having long partnerships, it is the best testimony of the quality of the work. The goal is to develop beautiful and performing products that people wear with pride. Ours is a company that wants to do things well also for the social impact it has on the world and on the territory as well as issues related to sustainability. For us, the relationship with Lnd is very important because it allows us to get in touch with the foundations of football”, underlined Gianluca Pavanello, CEO of Macron, at the presentation of the renewal of the partnership with the National Amateur League until 2025, which was held at the LND headquarters in Rome. “Without this organization and passion, professional football would collapse. Being present with important entities in your country is even more important. Italy is our starting market and a healthy company must be strong and credible in its country. The products we develop are eco-friendly and all the material we supply is made with eco-fabric made from recycled plastic. For a shirt you need about 13 plastic bottles”, explained Pavanello.

“The renewal and expansion of the relationship with the National Amateur League confirms and consolidates a collaboration that goes beyond the technical supply,” added Pavanello. “Being a partner of the body that organizes and manages our national football base is a source of great pride for us as well as an important incentive to make high-performance, high-quality products available to staff and athletes. We are happy to be at the side of those who share the sporting and human values ​​that are the basis of our corporate philosophy every day. We are an Italian company, proudly Italian, even if projected into many markets with 80% of turnover outside Italy. We have the ambition to become a large company as the name Macron suggests (from macro – large)”, added Pavanello who commented on a video about Macron. “We have carried out this campaign together with amateur sports clubs of the various disciplines, football but also rugby, volleyball, basketball, padel and others that tell the story of the path with which training reaches one’s goal”.