Lni-Fick 2023 national canoe trophy, challenges between Lega Navale athletes on Lake Paola in Sabaudia

The second edition of the Lni-Fick National Canoeing Trophy has concluded in the waters of Lake Paola in Sabaudia. The speed canoe competition, promoted and organized by the Italian Naval League and the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation, in collaboration with the Navy, saw 91 athletes competing this year, members of Fick, belonging to the Sections of the Italian Naval League of Bari , Castellammare di Stabia, Mantua, Molfetta, Ostia, San Benedetto del Tronto, Salerno, Taranto and Venice.

The organizers were satisfied, also thanks to the number of entries for the Trophy which doubled compared to the 2022 edition. The races, this year held over two days and also open to the Junior and Senior canoeing and paracanoe categories as well as to the youth categories (Students, Cadets, Boys), took place regularly and in complete safety thanks to the favorable weather conditions and the organizational support of the staff of the LNI National Nautical Center of Sabaudia.

In addition to the competitive aspect, the Trophy aims to promote the practice of paddle disciplines, the culture of the sea and respect for the environment and to keep alive the synergy between the Italian Naval League and the Italian Canoe Kayak Federation. The objective is to convey the best ethical values ​​of this sport and allow the athletes of the sports groups of the LNI Sections to showcase themselves in a national competition.

Among the main results of this edition, we highlight the positive performance in the Boys’ Male category of Gregorio Cravin (LNI Venice), with second place in the K1 200 meters, first position in the K1 2000 meters, the record in the K2 200 meters with Filippo Berti (LNI Venice) and a further first place in the K2 200 meters Cadet/Boys/Junior mixed inter-club Series 1 with Sofia Gavagnin (LNI Venice). In the male student category, Alessandro Bonesi and Giulio Nuvoloni (LNI Mantova) earned the top step of the podium in the K2 520 over the double distance of 200 and 2000 metres. In the men’s Cadet category, Gabriele Tedesco (LNI Taranto) finished in first place in both the K1 200 meters and the 2000 meters.

Two athletes particularly stood out in this edition. Flavia Valente (LNI Molfetta), in the Female Cadet category, reached first position in the K1 double distance 200 and 2000 metres, in the K2 200 meters with Clelia Petruzzella (LNI Molfetta) and in the K2 200 meters Cadets/Boys/Junior mixed inter-club Series 2 with Federico Castellucci (LNI San Benedetto del Tronto), while Sofia Gavagnin (LNI Venezia) stood out with a first place in the Boys Female K1 200 meters category and over the same distance in the Junior Women, as well as in the K1 2000 meters (Boys category Women) and in the K2 200 meters Cadet/Boys/Junior inter-club mixed series 1 with Gregorio Cravin (LNI Venice).

Among the Seniors, the protagonist in the category was Marco Triggiani (LNI Molfetta), who obtained first place in the K1 200 meters, in the K1 2000 meters and in the K2 200 meters with Dario Gallo (LNI Molfetta). Among the sports groups of the LNI, in the final ranking including the scores obtained by the athletes of the different categories in the 200 and 2000 meter distance races, the LNI Section of Ostia ranked first (889 points), followed closely by the Section of Molfetta (868) and in third position the Lega Navale of San Benedetto del Tronto (755, 50).