Local authorities, Csel: “Campania alone absorbs almost a quarter of new nursery places”

This was revealed by the data released by the Ministry of the Interior and analyzed by the Centro Studi Enti Locali (Csel) in a dossier created for Adnkronos

Just like last year, Campania alone intercepted 23% of the total resources allocated by the 2023 Municipal Solidarity Fund to strengthen the nursery schools of 5,099 municipalities in 17 Italian regions. This was revealed by the data released by the Ministry of the Interior and analyzed by the Centro Studi Enti Locali (Csel) in a dossier created for Adnkronos.

The largest portion of these 44.7 million went to the regional capital. Naples, with just under 5.8 million euros, is in fact the municipality that has obtained the largest transfers ever. With these resources, the municipality will have to commit to creating 756 additional places in its nursery schools. If this goal were to be missed, transfers would be revoked.

The regional capital of Campania is followed by Palermo, which has just under 5.2 million euros at its disposal to create, by the end of this year, 678 more places in its nursery schools. In third position, another Sicilian city, Catania, which was awarded 2.7 million to accommodate 355 new small users in its facilities.

Here is the analysis for the other regions:

Abruzzo: 238 municipalities have been awarded the resources to enhance nursery services. These have overall obtained just under 5.5 million which should be used to accommodate 711 children more than the current capacity of the operating structures on the regional territory. The municipality that has had the greatest resources is Montesilvano, in the province of Pescara, to which 521,427 euros have been allocated for 68 additional users.

Basilicata: 332 users who should be added during the year thanks to the 2.5 million assigned by the recent decree to 106 municipalities in Basilicata. In the lead is the municipality of Policoro, in the province of Matera, which will have the opportunity to finance 21 new places in nursery schools thanks to a loan of 161,029 euros.

Calabria: overall the resources allocated to the 365 Calabrian municipalities affected by the provision amount to almost 12.5 million. These should translate into 365 additional places, 99 of which in Reggio Calabria which is the one that has received the most funds: almost 760 thousand euros.

Campania: In addition to Naples, the resources assigned to Giugliano in Campania are also significant (just under 1.2 million for 156 places), Torre del Greco (774 thousand euros for 101 places) and Afragola (667 thousand euros for 87 additional users).

Emilia Romagna: almost 3.6 million resources were transferred to 139 Emilian municipalities to create 467 additional places in nursery schools. In the lead, Castelvetro di Modena which was awarded 138 thousand euros to be able to make room for 18 new users.

Lazio: the Lazio leader, for intercepted resources, is Fondi. The town in the province of Latina obtained 345,000 for 45 new jobs. Not far away are Aprilia (299 thousand euros for 39 seats) and Alatri (276 thousand euros for 36 seats). Overall, 292 Lazio municipalities are affected by the provision. To create 1,321 new places in kindergartens, they will have 10,129,480 euros available.

Liguria: over 1.9 million euros for 252 additional users are the total resources intercepted by 160 Ligurian local authorities. Among these, the one that has obtained the most money is Ventimiglia, with 69 thousand euros for 9 new jobs.

Lombardy: if the 17.3 million euros allocated by the recent decree are used correctly, the inhabitants of 890 Lombard municipalities will have 2,267 more places available for children aged between zero and two by the end of 2023. The main beneficiaries of the resources they are Cernusco sul Naviglio (222 thousand euros for 29 seats), Pioltello (153 thousand euros for 20 seats) and Gallarate (138 thousand euros for 18 seats).

Marche: overall, the 136 municipalities in the Marche affected by the provision were awarded just under 2.8 million euros. The additional places that these resources aim to finance are 365. Of these 20 should be created by the municipality of Civitanova Marche which, with 153 thousand euros, is the main beneficiary of the region.

Molise: the 94 Molise municipalities involved in the division have globally intercepted 1,134,870 for 148 new places in their nursery schools. In the lead, for the amount of resources, Isernia with over 84 thousand euros for 11 places, Campobasso with almost 77 thousand euros for 10 new users and Termoli with 69 thousand euros for nine places.

Piedmont: 915 Piedmontese municipalities are affected by the distribution of resources from the municipal solidarity fund aimed at strengthening the nursery school service. To finance 1,725 ​​new jobs by the end of the current year, 13.2 million have been allocated among these entities. Alessandria (345,000 euros for 45 more users), Asti (222,000 euros for 29 new places) and Nichelino (199,000 euros for 26 places) lead the way in terms of transfers.

Puglia: target of 1,872 additional places in 189 municipalities through 14.3 million euros. These are the numbers of the Puglia region which sees Bari (1.2 million for 161 places), Altamura (682 thousand euros for 89 places) and Taranto (88 places to be financed with just under 675 thousand euros) in the lead.

Sardinia: through 3.9 million euros, divided between 283 municipalities, 509 more small users are destined to find space in Sardinian nursery schools by the end of the year. The main shareholder of the resources destined for the island is Siniscola (Nuoro), which obtained 138 thousand euros to finance 18 new places, followed by Arzachena (115 thousand euros for 15 places) and Uta and Quartucciu, both recipients of 69 thousand euros for 9 additional places .

Sicily: the more than 33 million euros intercepted by the 332 municipalities involved make Sicily the second region by amount in the ranking relative to the allocation of resources from the municipal solidarity fund for upgrading nursery schools. This sum will create 4,375 additional seats by the end of the year. The bulk of the resources went to the 3 major cities of the region: almost 5.2 million in Palermo which will thus be able to have 678 additional users, 2.7 million in Catania for 355 places and 1.6 million in Messina for 217 new little guests.

Tuscany: there are 321 new jobs that should instead be created by the end of the year in the 107 Tuscan municipalities affected by this measure. Overall, these entities were awarded 2,461,441 euros. The highest amounts are those of Capannori (299 thousand euros for 39 places) and Pescia and Altopascio, both recipients of 92 thousand euros for 12 new users.

Umbria: the resources allocated to the 52 Umbrian municipalities involved in the provision amount to 835,816 euros, which should thus create 109 new places in nursery schools. Marsciano is in the lead with just under 100 thousand euros for 13 new places, Narni with almost 77 thousand euros for ten additional users and Amelia with 61 thousand euros for 8 new places.

Veneto: the 294 municipalities of the Veneto that have been awarded just under 8.6 million euros to create 1,120 new places in their nursery schools come full circle. Chioggia is in the lead with 184 thousand euros for 24 places, Treviso with 176 thousand euros for 23 additional users and Chiampo with over 168 thousand euros for 22 new users.