Locker and Refill Station: smart shopping directly in the condominium

Grocery shopping is a real commitment, which requires time and organization. And for many it can be a source of stress. You have to go to the supermarket, wander through the aisles in search of a product. Not to mention the long queues at the checkout. But all this, in the not too distant future, thanks to new technologies could become just a memory. It already happens in Milan. In the residential area of ​​Cascina Merlata, one of the most vital and greens of the city, there is a new, smarter way of shopping. To make it possible are the locker individual and condominium, real safes inside which the products ordered previously are deposited. To retrieve them there is no need to leave the house, because the lockers are installed directly on the landing or in the entrance hall of your building.

Personal and condominium lockers: how they work

They are managed by the condominium administrators. Just an app. And through a digital bulletin board, condominiums can always be connected with the opportunities in the neighbourhood. The shopping thus remains safe, protected until the arrival of the consumer who will be able to open his locker with a digital key personal. The private locker is granted on loan for use, against the purchase of Unilever products for a monthly cost of 14.90 euros. The condominium lockers, on the other hand, are installed in the common areas of the condominium, for free use by all condominiums.

The idea is by Uniliever Italia and Laserwall. The first is a multinational consumer goods company, owner of 400 brands of food, personal hygiene and household products. The second (we have already dealt with it here) is a company that deals with simplifying communication and the management of condominium administrations.

Refill Station: so the detergent becomes “on tap”

The intention is to meet the needs of the consumer, but also to ensure greater respect for the environment, reducing the amount of packaging to be produced and disposed of as well as emissions related to transport. And speaking of respect for the environment, it doesn’t end there. In addition to the lockers there are also the Refill Station, or recharging stations always positioned inside the condominium, where you can independently supply various products for cleaning the house. Just bring an empty bottle with you to refill. The creators of the initiative do not want to stop in Milan. The goal is to expand to all other major Italian cities, starting with Rome in 2023. Smart spending could soon become a reality throughout Italy.