Logi Dock, mouse Lift, video conferencing accessories: here are all the Logitech news

From IT accessories for home users to accessories that meet the needs of businesses, large and small. This is how Logitech is transforming, an international company with an Italian heart that has become famous for its ecosystem of mice, keyboards and webcams, a leader in the sector with tools that are easy to install and use and able to communicate with all operating systems. We tried some new accessories useful for the changing work and had a chat with the Italian management starting from the renewed commitment of the company to a business clientele.

The news for companies

In fact, there are many solutions designed for hybrid work, which is what is accompanying us in this post-pandemic era and which will certainly accompany us in the coming years, with a part of employees who will find themselves working in the office and a other party who will find himself working from home. Logitech, hosting us in the new Milan headquarters, presented a complete and renewed range of collaboration tools capable of eliminating distances. These include all the accessories for setting up video conference rooms, whether small or large, able to communicate and integrate with existing software (Teams, Meet, Zoom, Webex, just to name the most famous). And so between cameras that recognize who is speaking and automatically change the shot from microphones able to focus on the speaker’s voice up to micro-cameras able to count the people present in the meeting rooms (obtaining statistics to make spaces more efficient) here is Scribe, camera able to digitize everything written on the blackboards (we tested it while the illustrator Giorgio Campioni was making a caricature of us), or Tap Scheduler, a solution that allows the booking and management of meeting rooms and other company spaces.

Logi Dock

Among the novelties certainly more useful with the resumption of work activities, to be installed on the desk in the office but also at home, there is Logi Dock: it is an ideal “box” in our opinion for smart working, able to do as a docking station to keep cables organized on the desk and facilitate the connection between the laptop and an external screen, and then as a speakerphone and controller for meetings. The Logi Dock can be connected to a desktop PC but gives its best with laptops, because it is also able to recharge them (thus avoiding having to always move the charging cable between home, backpack and office). On board we find an HDMI port and a DisplayPort for simultaneous connection with two external monitors in 4K quality, two traditional USB ports and four USB-C to connect mice, keyboards, webcams and other accessories. And again: the Bluetooth protocol to connect two other devices at the same time, speakers with good audio power and six microphones for noise cancellation. The most interesting use of the Logi Dock occurs when you participate in a meeting, because it integrates three buttons and also some luminous LEDs that give the possibility to activate or deactivate the microphone, the webcam or even – by connecting your calendar to the app. by Logitech – join newly started meetings with a single click (instead of having to go and look in the email for the correct link each time). A product therefore very useful from the price, however, in our opinion, high: 449 euros.

Mouse Lift

Among the most interesting Logitech products of the moment there is also the Ergonomic Vertical Lift mouse: it is a mouse suitable for all those who – like us – spend whole days in front of the PC, offering immediate relief to the wrists and ensuring a more natural posture. arm and upper body. The Lift mouse has six buttons, all configurable (left and right click, central button, wheel with central click and two side clicks) which through the Logitech application can be set differently for each individual software (for example, the side button can switch to microphone in Teams or enable dictation in a spreadsheet). The possibility of using the mouse simultaneously on three different devices without having to reconfigure it is also very useful. Lift, explain from Logitech, is ideal for right- and left-handed users and for small or medium-sized hands. Three colors (graphite, off-white and pink), list price 82 euros.

The new wireless headphones

Among the latest Logitech innovations there are also the new Logitech Zone True Wireless wireless headphones: these are ideal headsets for work, certified with numerous video conferencing apps. They offer active noise cancellation or transparency (to hear even background noise) and ensure crystal clear communication thanks to three earpiece microphones capable of capturing voice even through bone conduction. The headphones can be connected at the same time both to the computer – via USB receiver – and to the mobile phone – via Bluetooth – so that you can switch “on the fly” from a call to a traditional phone call. The price of the True Wireless Zones is 329 euros.