Logitech and Playseat launch the new cockpit for games and racing simulators

Playseat Trophy-Logitech G Edition pairs with Pro Racing Wheel and Pro Racing Pedals, also from Logitech

Logitech G and Playseat announced the worldwide availability of the new Playseat Trophy-Logitech G steering wheel and pedal set cockpit, featuring an open cockpit design and made with ActiFit materials. “Logitech G and sim racing are inextricably linked. From the early days of racing games to modern simulation masterpieces that are now verging on reality, Logitech G has continued to innovate by always offering new products to racing and simulation enthusiasts,” said Tako Dijkman, CEO at Playseat. “Because Logitech G offers innovative designs and technologies like no other in the world, it seemed natural to match our products with theirs. This collaboration has allowed us to create a truly one-of-a-kind racing rig. With a foundational legacy in the simulation industry and our groundbreaking engineering, we can offer the most versatile and immersive racing solution ever to anyone looking to experience the thrill of racing.”

The Playseat Trophy-Logitech G Edition pairs with the Pro Racing wheel and Pro Racing pedals, also from Logitech. The wheel features a new Direct Drive motor and TrueForce technology, to offer the most precise and authentic connection to the race. The Trophy-Logitech G Edition features a fully adjustable seat, pedal set and steering plate, to offer maximum flexibility in the positioning of the wheel and pedals. The seat can tilt forward, backward and move up or down to provide the ideal driving position for any style of racing, from single seaters to stock cars. The open cockpit design allows free movement of the legs for accelerating, braking and depressing the clutch, the backrest can be reclined separately and provides additional fully adjustable lumbar support, as needed. The seat features a built-in option that allows you to make the seating area softer or firmer depending on your preference. The steel structure weighs 17 kg and can be stored upright. It is available at the price of 599 euros.