Lollobrigida: “Increase in births to defend Italian ethnicity”

“It is evident to everyone that the Italian race does not exist. However, there is a culture, an Italian ethnicity”

“I think it is clear to everyone that the Italian race does not exist, but there is a culture, an Italian ethnicity, the one defined by Treccani, a linguistic-cultural grouping, which today I imagine in this conference there is a tendency to protect, otherwise it would make no sense “. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Francesco Lollobrigida, on the sidelines of the States General of the Natality.

“The population of the world is growing, and many of those born in the world would like to come and live in Italy. So why worry about births in Italy? If the answer is to increase the birth rate, it is probably for reasons linked to the defense of that belonging, to which I myself am proudly linked, the Italian culture and my linguistic lineage”, he explained.

“I used terms that they didn’t like, I’ve heard of technical substitution for fascism in South Tyrol and for Stalin. In Italy we want to save culture and language, something that has nothing to do with race”, he said the minister in his speech at the event at the Rome Auditorium.

Lollobrigida then added: “Where there is more welfare, an increase in births is automatic, today the province of Bolzano has more births, there interventions are made to support parenthood in a precise manner”. And again: “The money is not infinite, we have to give ourselves priorities, the commitment on the birth rate for us as brothers of Italy is in first place, if you put in one part you have to remove from one part. Otherwise the letter of Santa Claus, do you want more work, more wealth, more children…”.

“Stalin made ethnic substitution in the Soviet Union, fascism tried to make ethnic substitution in South Tyrol, but luckily it didn’t succeed. What we are talking about is trying to guarantee a continuation of our cultural identity which I am proud. I think it is useful to help the nations from which populations are forced to emigrate and that Europe and the West must repay for so much exploitation”, concluded the minister.