Lollobrigida, the lawyer speaks: “The causes she faced? A regret, I hope she was serene”

“She was generous and selfless, she taught me courage”

“I’m deeply saddened. Gina Lollobrigida, in addition to being a unique, eclectic artist, whose value has been recognized worldwide, she has always been a tenacious person, who has always fought for his ideas and to make his word count. The appellation of the ‘Bersagliera’ was no coincidence “. To tell Adnkronos, commenting with emotion on the disappearance of Gina Lollobrigida, is her lifelong lawyer Philip Meschini. “She was an extraordinary person, who taught me the most important values ​​and demonstrated the coherence and courage of her ideas”, says Meschini, who followed the actress in the judicial events that studded the actress’s life.

“Values ​​that are an example and that in such a famous person have even greater prominence, because they demonstrate the sensitivity with which she was endowed and which she manifested in her art”. on judicial proceedings of Lollobrigida “surely there are regretseven if it’s not up to me to say – observes the lawyer – What I can say is that I hope that his serenity has remained intact, because that’s what matters”.

Meschini articulates: “Now is the moment of pain and it is difficult to manage emotions, he was a person who must remain unforgettable so that he can be an example. He was a generous person, and the loss is particularly important. Even that emotional wave that was unleashed upon meeting her disappears altogether, her gaze, her eyes transmitted love for the truth”. What will you remember about her? “Her immense generosity and her sweetness, she was a person very altruistic -concludes Lollo’s lawyer- Although her health conditions were no longer so brilliant, her altruism was always present, even towards me and my family”.