Lollobrigida, the will opened: the estate divided by two heirs

Lollo’s will: half of the assets to the son, half to the assistant

A heritage for two that of Gina Lollobrigida, who passed away on 16 January at the age of 95. According to the will of the actress, whose will was announced todayhalf of the large inheritance will go to the son Andrea Milko Skovic, the other half to the assistant Andrea Piazzolla, secretary and factotum of the actress.

“My promise? I will never cheat on her. I want half of the inheritance he left me to be made available for his wishes, to make art known,” Piazzolla told Live Life. “I publicly undertake to ensure that my ‘part’ is placed within the trust who will take care of these things.”

“Gina’s will is clear and known. She didn’t want to leave anything to her son. I ask her son Milko Skofic – is the appeal made by Piazzolla – to respect the will of the mother and to place even half of her, out of respect and to honor what the mother has done, within the trust dedicated to her ” .