Lollobrigida: “Working in agriculture is not demeaning, it is being on the couch with income”

The Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry Francesco Lollobrigida spoke at the 55th Vinitaly at Veronafiere. He also spoke of immigration: on the flows, he says, “it is clear that there is the will to organize them seriously”. And the Nutriscore? “It doesn’t serve to inform but to condition”. On synthetic meats: “They can be poison for health”

“In the countryside there is a need for manpower and young Italians must know that it is not demeaning to go to work in agriculture. Indeed, what is not a model of civilization is not going to work, sitting on the sofa and burdening the shoulders of others with income of citizenship”. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry Francesco Lollobrigida, speaking at Vinitaly in Verona on the issue of flows, for the seasonal quotas required for the harvest campaigns.

Lollobrigida: “We need legal immigration”

There is a strong demand for manpower from the territories and companies present at the 55th Vinitaly at Veronafiere after the click day sold out in a short time. Lollobrigida also expressed himself on this and said that “there is a need for legal immigration and the first enemy is clandestine immigration. We want to combat illegal immigration, provide training in the migrants’ countries of origin, and organize real integration On flows it is evident that there is the will to organize them seriously, something that hasn’t been done in recent years”.

Lollobrigida: “Italy is late on drought, a decree will come soon”

Lollobrigida also spoke of the problem of drought: “We are working, thank God it rained today, Italy is lagging behind in the phenomenon that affects our nation. Little or nothing has been done, next week we will issue a decree to intervene in the short term in order to have a medium-long term strategy that resolves. Policies have been lacking for many governments who did not know how long they would last, we know they will last”.

Lollobrigida: “It’s not an algorithm that tells us what to eat”

“The Nutriscore does not serve to inform but to influence. It is not an algorithm that tells us what to eat but the ability to distinguish and discern – said Lollobrigida – The Italian model of battery-operated labels is better, which identifies the valid quantity of products for a balanced diet”. According to the minister “for Italians conviviality is an element of well-being. We Italians do not use food as fuel but we appreciate those products, such as wine, which bring us well-being even on a mental level”. After all, for Mario Soldati, recalled Lollobrigida, “wine is for the soul what water is for the body. And wine is the poetry of the earth”. All of this, continued Minister Lollobrigida, “must be taught to young people and I am proud to bring schools to Vinitaly. In particular 300 students from Agricultural Institutes, with their teachers, so that they can receive training from companies and then be able to tell about wine” .

Lollobrigida: “Food quality is an essential element”

As far as the agri-food sector and the distribution of wealth in the primary sector are concerned, “there is not bad weather in the EU. At the European level, I had the pleasure of receiving a visit in recent days from my French counterpart and two weeks ago from the Spanish one who I am who have come to me to discuss how to create a system among the main nations of Europe that know quality”. Food quality which is “an essential and traditional element of the Mediterranean nations. We will do this work – announced Lollobrigida – together with the method that must be used: within the borders we are divided, outside each government represents all the Italians, the Spanish and the French. For a long time we Italians have done less than necessary while the others who have worked well have grown”. Furthermore, Minister Lollobrigida announced at the inauguration of the 55th International Wine Exhibition, “heads of state also come here to Vinitaly to understand how best to work for the internationalization of the sector. Edi Rama, prime minister of Albania, will come to open the way to the Balkans”.

Lollobrigida: “Synthetic meat can be poison for health”

Italy is “the first nation free from synthetic meats that can be poisonous to health, we will see it”, Lollobrigida said again speaking at the “Vino e Salute” conference organized by Coldiretti and Filiera Italia, speaking of the bill that prohibits in Italy the sale of synthetic meat. “We trust science, for now I don’t know the benefits” of synthetic meat, “but even those who distribute it don’t know its effects, so much so that I am told that whoever sells it asks to sign a sheet with the authorization prevention that allows people to assume responsibility for the damage they will eventually suffer in the future”, continues the minister. For Lollobrigida “it is the Italians who are asking to apply a European principle, which is called the precautionary right, which in the event that you are not sure that something cannot damage public health, prevent this thing from being produced, distributed and imported”. In essence it is a question of “a just law, neither of the right nor of the left but at the service of the people”.