Lollobrigida’s son’s lawyer speaks out: ”Piazzolla is still pending the accusation of circumvention of incapable person”

Gentiloni Silveri to Adnkronos: ”Actress assets are currently under preventive seizure”

”Until i goods of the lady Lollobrigida are Seight preventive seizure Mr Piazzolla cannot have it’‘. So the lawyer Michele Gentiloni Silvery, legal of
Milko and Dimitri Skofic to Adnkronos shortly after the preliminary hearing in the Court which sees the defendant for circumvention of the incapacitated the factotum of the Bersagliera Andrea Piazzolla ”because he gave to an art auction house – explains the lawyer – a series of buildings belonging to Signora Lollobrigida, furniture that he could not have given because they are awaiting an inventory by the administration of support. These properties according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office – continues Gentiloni – they would have been given to the auction house unbeknownst to Signora Lollobrigida”. On today’s hearing, the lawyer recounts: ”The Public Prosecutor produced to the Judge what Mrs. Lollobrigida declared, who was questioned before her death. Paradoxically, Piazzola’s defense opposed the production of the document but the Judge rejected the opposition and accepted these statements and the process it has been postponed to June and will begin with the defense texts”.

”Today the hearing was intended to hear Mrs. Lollobrigida who unfortunately passed away – continues the lawyer of the son of the Bersagliera – then the Pm handed over to the Judge what he had already collected during the preliminary investigations. From our point of view, Lollobrigida’s statements are fundamental because during the interrogation she said: ‘For God’s sake, I didn’t want to give anything to the auction house. I was told that these properties had been placed in a warehouse to make jobs and that they would come back”’. For what concern testament of the actress the lawyer doesn’t want to say too much: ”It’s a matter of civil law. For now, the family does not want to release statements until after the trial which will clarify the situation”. According to the accusation thesis, Gentiloni explains: ”Piazzola isolated Mrs. Lollobrigida from the circle of loved ones to then make him carry out prejudicial actions, if this turns out to be true and Piazzolla were to be convicted – concludes the lawyer – they would have to compensate a significant sum”.

(by Alisa Toaff)