Lombardo: “Schifani’s stop at photovoltaics is courageous”

“The stop ordered by President Schifani to the looting of land and sea for the production of energy is courageous and coherent”. The former Sicilian governor Raffaele Lombardo told Adnkronos after the announcement made yesterday by Schifani to suspend “soon the issuing of authorizations for photovoltaics”. “We have to evaluate the business profit with the social profit and with the environmental damage. Then does this activity bring work? Does the energy remain in Sicily? No”, said the President of the Region speaking at a conference organized by Councilor Edy Tamajo. And today comes the comment of his predecessor Lombardo. “Let’s read about the mega wind park off the Egadi, the largest in Europe. How wonderful! And why not off the coast of Portofino or Capalbio or Porto Rotondo? And no. Not there. For mega parks there is the Sicilian colony a little further north than the African colony. The natives will have some work for the assembly. But thanks. And then stop and the national government will give us a hand”, Lombardo asks.

“They treat large groups – he adds – They leave a large share of energy to be donated to businesses and families. It would be an irresistible attractive factor for investments and work and the migration of our best educated young people could be reversed at the cost of tears and blood from families. And the household bill could be greatly reduced”. “And then the land. Thousands of hectares in the hands of mega funds stolen from organic and quality production. For photovoltaics, priority should be given to degraded land, exhausted quarries and mines, abandoned landfills, industrial areas – explains Raffaele Lombardo – State-owned land that has always been abandoned is preferred. The Region equips itself with an instrument which, under agreements and conditions, moreover indicated in the 2009 and 2021 energy plans, and in exchange for tangible advantages for the Sicilians, ensures rapid authorizations. Excellent stop to looting. Reason and start again according to defined rules and in the interest of Sicily!”.