Lombardy elections, Grimoldi: “Matter clarified, Northern Committee with Fontana”

The former Northern League deputy and coordinator of the Committee wanted by Bossi thus responds to Adnkronos

For Paolo Grimoldi “the political question is clarified: we will support Fontana, period”. Interviewed by Adnkronos, the former Lega deputy and coordinator, together with Angelo Ciocca, of the ‘Northern Committee’, reiterates that in the next regional elections in Lombardy, the current within the Carroccio headed by Umberto Bossi will side in support of the governor outgoing, the Northern League Attilio Fontana. No list of Bossian ‘rebels’ in support of Third Pole candidate Letizia Moratti, therefore: a hypothesis that has been circulating insistently in recent days.

To those who ask him how the support of the ‘North Committee’ for Fontana will materialize, Grimoldi replies: “Bossi will decide it. Whether Fontana supports himself with press releases or with candidates, he will say so”. “In any case – remarked the former Lega MP – the political question is clarified: the Northern Committee supports Fontana”.