Lombardy elections, Pd-M5S meeting: +Europe deserted

Benedetto Della Vedova to Adnkronos: “Five stars will weaken Majorino”

It was held this afternoon, in Milan, the meeting between representatives of the Democratic Party and the M5s announced yesterday by the centre-left candidate for the presidency of the Lombardy Region, Pierfrancesco Majorino. This is the first appointment in view of a possible opening to the Cinquestelle by the center-left coalition. A meeting which, however, was not attended by +Europa: “Obviously we were perfectly aware of today’s meeting – the Secretary explains to Adnkronos, Benedict DellaVedova– we decided not to be part of the delegation because our position is known; we support Majorino in an alliance without the Cinquestelle, we said it from the beginning”.

The reason, he clarifies, is that “I believe that this is a vote that will have an overall political connotation; an entry of the M5s into the coalition would end up weakening Majorino’s candidacy”. After all, “the chance at stake is to win the votes of the liberal-democrats and reformists, essential to be the most credible challenger to Attilio Fontana”. Conversely, “there would be the risk of closing it too much to the left, moreover in a month in which national politics, with the decree on aid for the defense of Ukraine, will lead to a period of clash and clear distinction with the Cinquestelle”. As for the proposal launched this morning by the leader of Italia viva, Matteo Renzi, to establish a ticket with Majorino, deputy of Letizia Moratti, Della Vedova is lapidary: “Politics does not deal with ifs and buts; there was a candidate, who would have really been a unitary candidate and one who would have known how to unite the forces of opposition to Fontana around his name, and it was Carlo Cottarelli Certainly he would have been more suited to obtaining a large majority than is the former vice president of Fontana who also in the political elections it did not take a clear position”.

And this “beyond the qualities of Letizia Moratti”; however “it is clear that she could not have been the name, also due to the times and ways in which her candidacy was presented. I understand Renzi’s reasoning -says the Secretary of +Europa- but if that had been the will, she would not have chosen a breaking candidate like that of Moratti”. After all, he concludes, “Renzi is well aware that the policy of a fait accompli is not always effective in widening the field”. In any case “I think that in the current coalition Majorino is Fontana’s real challenger; an expansion of the coalition to include the M5s would end up weakening him and giving more space to Moratti”.