Lombardy, Moratti dancer and Majorino photographer at lunch for homeless people

Unusual first shot among the challengers at the Regionals

The first usual photo of the challengers at the Lombardy Regionals – Attilio Fontana, Pierfrancesco Majorino and Letizia Moratti – has nothing ritual: the three were immortalized with the City Angels bibwhile they serve risotto to the 200 homeless gathered at the Principe di Savoia hotel for the traditional ‘Befana del clochard’ (VIDEO).

The charitable initiative, which returned after the two-year stop imposed by the pandemic, this year gathered around the tables, in the guise of waiters, representatives of all political parties: in addition to the three candidates for the presidency of the Lombardy Region, there was the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara, who avoided making statements to reporters, in order not to divert attention from the solidarity event in which – he wrote on social media at the end – “I took part with joy”. Serving “meals to the needy – he added – is an experience that has opened my heart”.

“I come every year, it’s an opportunity not to be missed: it’s always a piece of Milan with a big heart,” said Action spokeswoman Mariastella Gelmini as she entered the Principe di Savoia, who didn’t shy away from emphasizing her support for the candidacy of Letizia Moratti, “the candidate closest to deep Lombardy”. And it was she, Fontana’s former deputy now running against him, who conquered the scene at the ‘Befana of the clochards’: after having invited people to “leave the electoral campaign out of this day”, Moratti took to the track, enlivening the dances of City Angels and clochards.

The other two candidates are more tense: “Today we are carrying out a solidarity initiative, let’s leave politics alone, because if we try to politically exploit even what shouldn’t be…”, said Fontana. Majorino, who arrived shortly after the outgoing governor, returned to ask for a direct confrontation between challengers: “Photos together aren’t very useful. I’m always pleased and we can do it, but we should have a debate together, but unfortunately Fontana until now didn’t want to”.

Majorino, willing to be photographed with his opponents, was even more so as a photographer: when a lady stopped him to ask him to take a picture of her with Fontana, the centre-left candidate did not hold back. An amusing curtain, in a day marked by happiness, with smiles and dance moves from the very numerous Milanese and Lombard politicians: from the Democratic Party to the Brothers of Italy, passing through the Third Pole, Forza Italia and the Lega, without missing representatives of the newborn Northern Committee and exponents of the 5 Stars, all responded to the appeal of the City Angels.

The homeless Befana “is a very nice initiative, which I have been to many times. I am pleased to see that today there are also people, perhaps driven by the elections, who were not there at other times. I think it is an opportunity to everyone,” observed Majorino. (by Alice Bellincioni)