Lombardy regional elections, Pd: “Moratti is not an option, Terzo Polo goes alone”

Peluffo: “We don’t want to impose a candidate on anyone, much less let us impose candidates: we are not in favor of diktats”

“Moratti has her own path within the center-right: for us it is not and cannot be an option, even the” Lombard assembly of the Democratic Party “this morning went in this direction”. The Lombard secretary of the Democratic Party Vinicio Peluffo says this to Adnkronos after the communication with which Letizia Moratti announced her candidacy with the Third Pole in view of the regional elections in Lombardy.

“We appealed to all forces for a programmatic proposal, which would allow us to build a coalition together. We decide together: for us the instrument is that of the coalition primaries. We do not want to impose a candidate on anyone, nor do we want to impose ourselves. of candidacies: we are not for diktats “. So with the indication of Letizia Moratti “it seems to me that the Third Pole has pulled out on its own, they have decided to go solo, avoiding the confrontation”.

“We had said to overcome divisions, to take into account the specificity of Lombardy rather than making existing vetoes prevail at the national level and single-handed choices – underlines Peluffo – To build an alternative to Fontana, we need to focus on a coalition as broad as possible. . And we believe, above all, that the Lombard political offer must be decided in Lombardy “.

This also applies to other potential allies, starting with M5S. “We call everyone to exercise a function of autonomy and responsibility towards Lombard voters. Our appeal”, made after the regional assembly this morning, “was addressed to everyone. We also invite the other political forces to do so: we are willing to bring forward a proposal, together, but without diktat “, makes clear the secretary of the Lombard Democratic Party.