Lombardy regional elections, who is Pierfrancesco Majorino the candidate of the centre-left

From books to political battles, the candidate of the center-left and the 5 Star Movement at the helm of Lombardy is a genuine Milanese, born in 1973. Here is the profile of the MEP

Pierfrancesco Majorino, born in 1973, candidate of the centre-left and the Movimento 5 Stelle at the helm of Lombardy. Genuine Milanese, 10 years councilor for social policies in the city, let’s see who the MEP supported by centre-left forces is who will try to “snatch” the region from outgoing president Attilio Fontana and Third Pole candidate Letizia Moratti.

Majorino: the change after 28 years of right-wing government

His watchword is change. The title of the latest novel is Sister Revolution. That Pierfrancesco Majorino was “too left” for some and “too extremist” for others is no mystery. But the mayor of Milan took the field right from the start of the electoral campaign and said he was ready to help him get rid of the image of an extreme and too revolutionary person. On the other hand Beppe Sala knows him well, as does his predecessor Giuliano Pisapia.

Majorino’s political battles

Pierfrancesco Majorino has always been in politics. From 1994 to 1998 he was national president of the Students’ Union and of the Student Network. In 1998 he was appointed Councilor of the Social Affairs Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. With the Minister for Social Solidarity Livia Turco he dealt with youth policies and the fight against addictions. He was the first city secretary of the Democrats of the Left in 2004, two years later in the city council on the Ulivo list. In 2008 he was group leader of the Democratic Party leading the opposition until the end of the consiliation. Opposition to the then mayor Letizia Moratti. In those years Majorino became the promoter of the Register of civil unions for de facto couples, of the establishment of the anti-crisis fund to support precariousness and poverty. In 2016 leader for the Democratic Party, he was elected for the third time in the City Council.

For 8 years councilor for social policies in Milan

At Palazzo Marino from 2011 to 2019, Pierfrancesco Majorino was the Councilor for social policies, health and rights of the municipality. From the first to the second welfare development plan, he was involved in the fight against poverty, devising the “Pact for social redemption”, a support to the municipal income in force in those years. He has pushed to enhance services for disabled people, structural interventions for the homeless who have seen the number of beds in the city double. In 2015 Milan won the European award for disabled-friendly cities. From civil unions to the register of advance end-of-life declarations, Majorino conceived and activated the House of Rights which today houses services and counters for the defense of people against discrimination and the Arcobaleno House. During both juntas he coordinated the reception of migrants which from 2013 to today has offered temporary accommodation to 128,000 people.

Since 2019 Pierfrancesco Majorino has been a European Parliamentarian.

Genuine Milanese, the house in Porta Romana, the books and the poet uncle

Pierfrancesco Majorino lives in Milan where he was born almost 50 years ago, in the Porta Romana district. Two partners and two children aged 15 and 2 and a half. The father of his current wife Caterina Sarfatti, Riccardo Sarfatti, an entrepreneur who died in an accident in 2010, was the centre-left candidate for the 2005 regional elections. 9 published books, an uncle who was a poet and a passion for the mountains. And a team of the heart that has very little Lombard: Juventus.