Lombardy Regionals, Berlusconi and jokes for candidates – Video

“I will give twenty to our candidates so that they can use them”

The president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, while presenting the blue candidates for the regional elections in Lombardy, in vila Gernetto, tells them jokes and stories to be used to “make cordial” the conversation with the voters.

“I like to tell stories, especially those in which I am the protagonist, and I will give our candidates about twenty so that they can use them”, the words of the Cav, who started the meeting with the press with “a funny story, which I give to our candidates because in the approach with the people to be convinced, the stories make the interview very cordial”. The first ‘story’ told by Berlusconi is that of “a young man who flees from Russia and says: ‘I don’t want to go and fight with our friends from the Ukraine’. He meets a nun and says to her: ‘Sun, nun, where can I Are they chasing me?’ And the nun: ‘Under the skirt, it’s the simplest thing'”: The joke ends when, once the danger has passed, the young Russian thanks the nun and “also compliments her, because, standing under the skirt, I saw legs almost like those of a football player, very muscular and well cultivated”. And the nun: “If you looked a little further up, you would realize that I too did not want to go to fight”.

Also to close his speech, Berlusconi used a ‘story’, in which he is on a plane running out of fuel together with Biden, Putin and the Pope. However, a parachute is missing and while the leaders are discussing who has one more straight, Berlusconi “the smartest politician in the world” grabs a backpack and throws himself in the air.