Lombardy regionals, center-left chooses Majorino: “We can beat Fontana”

The MEP: “I’m honoured, we’ll give it our all”

The candidate of the centre-left in Lombardy is Pierfrancesco Majorino. The coalition communicated this in a joint note, explaining that it had decided to involve some eminent personalities of Lombard civil and progressive society in the construction of the programme, and to ask the MEP to guide the work of the coalition, running as a candidate for President of the Lombardy Region.

“The forces of the Lombard center-left have asked me to be the coalition’s candidate for the presidency of the Lombardy Region. I am honored and excited – Majorino commented on Facebook – . Starting tomorrow I will meet them to build together, and according to the shared methods, the strongest possible proposal to change the page in the Region. We can beat Attilio Fontana’s right – adds the candidate Dem – and I am convinced that we will give it our all”.

The choice of the Dem MEP met with the full satisfaction of the Italian Left: “His profile – they explain – corresponds to the characteristics of a figure clearly different in terms of history, positions and credibility to those of Attilio Fontana and Letizia Moratti expressed in the center-right field. Now is the time to tighten the programmatic discussion on which we had also worked in mutual agreement with the M5s until July and define the platform”. Majorino’s choice therefore represents “a point of convergence from which to start the programmatic confrontation both inside and outside the coalition. It is a unitary turning point that opens towards the wide field”.

The position of +Europe is more cautious, which has expressed its support for Majorino’s candidacy, but “referring to a coalition which, like today, does not include the M5s”.