Lombardy Regionals, Conte: “Pd? M5S available but programs first”

“The M5S is ready to field a serious and solid proposal”

“Our attitude does not change, it is always the same, linear and coherent: programs come firstfirst the political priorities and then we will discuss the candidates who can be the best interpreters”. Thus the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, in connection with Palazzo Pirelli for the press conference of the M5S Lombardia on the next regional elections 2023.

“The M5S is ready to put in place a serious and solid proposal tailored to Lombard citizens to improve their quality of life and is ready to elaborate and confront other political and social forces for this purpose but without the willingness to compromise downwards We believe that this is an important event for Lombardy, a driving force and pulsating force for the whole of Italy, and we cannot fail to be ambitious, the citizens of Lombardy deserve it and all of Italy deserves it.So we do not intend to negotiate our values ​​and our principles. We do not intend to overshadow what we believe are the priorities for Lombardy”, he adds.

“Majorino is a candidate who has been indicated by the Pd. At the moment we don’t want to discuss Majorino yes Majorino no. A person who is very close to the issues that are close to our heart spoke to me very well, so nothing to say about the person, but the M5S does not agree to discuss candidates nor does it want to anticipate and accept deciding on the best interpreter before having defined what the best program is. We are not available, with all due respect to the choices made by other political forcesbut we are not anyone’s branch office,” he says again.

“The moment I say that, for reasons of method and merit of the solidity of the political force and the concreteness of the proposal, we discuss programs first and then candidates, you understand that the M5S cannot accept a logical inversion of the issues. Having said that, as far as the candidate is concerned, for the moment it is a question to be set aside. I asked for information about Majorino and I was given references from a person in a position to be able to share a large part of our principles and our values. If this were the premise , when Majorino’s candidate arrives at a later time, it will be a possible candidacy. But at this moment we absolutely do not agree to discuss the subject of the candidacy: we are interested in the programs. The question of the candidacy is set aside as far as we are concerned”, he reiterated.