Lombardy Regionals, Moratti presents his list: “We are one step away from 30%”

The civic candidate supported by the Third Pole for the presidency of the Lombardy Region, strengthened by the “doubling of the consensus”, exhorts her: “The game is wide open”

“Each of us dreams and deserves one Lombardy better: an ambition, a desire, a right. For this to happen, good, concrete politics and an efficient regional administration are needed. This is why I decided to run for leadership of the Region. My goal is to make it fairer, safer, more competitive. And make it an absolute point of reference for health, work and quality of life”. Thus Letizia Moratticivic candidate supported by the Third Pole for the presidency of the Lombardy region, opening her speech at the Hotel dei Cavalieri in Milan, where this morning she presented the candidates of her list ‘Letizia Moratti President’.

“We are one step away from 30%,” he said referring to the results surveys made by the Winpoll Institute for Political Scenarios, published yesterday. “In a few weeks we have doubled the consents“. And he exhorted his followers: “We still have a month of electoral campaign, the game is wide open. The outgoing Fontana can no longer escape a serious and fair confrontation with me. He depends on the respect of the voters, which is the salt of democracy “.

Going back over the stages that led her to the decision to leave the vice-presidency of the Region to take the field, Moratti recalled: “When I decided to run as a candidate, I immediately knew that I would have to do it supported by a civic list that represented me, that represented my idea of ​​regional government and of Lombardy. With my travel companions, then, we set ourselves a goal, a motto which then became a realized project: ‘all of Lombardy in a civic list'”.

Here, “the civic list ‘Letizia Moratti Presidente’ is precisely this, the complete expression of our desire to do and to do well, to affect and make work what does not work, to safeguard our excellences and give substance to the projects and talents that this land expresses and wants to express, to support those in need, whether they are citizens, administrations or businesses, to represent the requests, needs, aspirations, the desire for serenity and inclusive growth, desire Of future of 10 million Lombards”.

Among others, the list includes teachers, trainers, public sector employees and managers, but also entrepreneurs, traders and business executives. Some ‘excellent’ names, like that of the cycling champion Claudius Chiappucci, candidate in the district of Monza Brianza, alongside artisans, professionals and representatives of the world of VAT numbers. There is no shortage of volunteers from the third sector and representatives of the world of healthcare: “All Lombard by birth or by choice – underlines Moratti -. Women and men who in each of the Lombard provinces represent different trades, professions and vocations. Different souls and political sensitivities that find themselves in a common goal, that of representing their world and their territories in the Lombardy Region”.