Longobardi (Brancaccio): “Tampone in the theater is pure madness but the only hypothesis is already a damage”

The artistic director: “So they really destroy us!”

Pure madness: but even if it were just a hypothesis canceled the next day, the damage is still done: we are already recording a sharp decline in seat reservations, compared to the previous days “. This is what AdnKronos reports Alessandro Longobardi, artistic director of the Brancaccio theater in Rome, about the breezy possibility that before entering the hall to attend a show at the theater or see a film at the cinema, even if vaccinated and in possession of the green pass, they must also present themselves with a negative swab.

“Even if the hypothesis was not later confirmed, already read a headline in a newspaper stop people who in doubt do not book a seat, do not buy a ticket, do not subscribe – explains Longobardi – Thus credibility is lost, in addition to the costs that add up and the time necessary to stay in compliance with the entrance to the theater. The concern that affects all of us is above all for the method of communication,

which it does not never definitive clarity
. Not to mention that, in doing so, by imposing swabs on vaccinated people, the false theory is passed that the green pass is useless and that a vaccinated is like a no-vax …“.

For the artistic director of Brancaccio, “the hypothesis alone is already provoking huge damage, it’s blocking everything, in the face of costs that have instead increased and a real capacity that has significantly reduced compared to the flows of the years prior to Covid. And all this happens right under the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, the golden age for the world of theater. Like this, they really destroy us!“.

(from Enzo Bonaiuto)