Longobardo (Fs): “Let’s make sustainability with the people of the Group”

The FS Group People Care manager: “An example? Women in motion, our colleagues tell students that talent has no gender”

“The FS Group is by definition a Group that has a sustainable business and that connects and moves people and goods. Important drivers that guide the way we do sustainability with the people of the Group”. So Paola Longobardo, head of People Care for the FS Group, on the occasion of the event “The Culture of Sustainability in Italy” today in Rome, at the Information Building, headquarters of the Adnkronos Group.

Any examples? “Women in motion – she says – a campaign with a high social and innovative impact that the FS Group has launched since 2017 and which sees the participation of more than 100 colleagues (from this year also colleagues) engaged in technical fields. We have reached over 60 schools in throughout Italy and met more than 17,000 male and female students, telling them that talent has no gender, and this story is only possible thanks to the example and to the fact that colleagues, through their own stories, represent an inspiration for the new generations. ‘ an example of how to do a high social impact campaign with the people in the group”.