Look at the way in which Carla Ballero responded to José Luis Repenning’s macho comment

The macho comment Jose Luis Repenning during the morning Your day, from Channel 13, has generated controversy on social networks. The situation has been addressed by Carla Ballero in the program Follow me and I follow you on TV +, where he gave his position on the matter.

On Thursday, April 20, during a conversation about Felipe Camiroaga’s romances on the morning Tu Día, on Channel 13, Nacho Gutiérrez commented on Carla Ballero, who had moved from Mega to TVN. The commentator referred to the rumors of a possible romance between the former member of Morandé with Compañía and her program partner Porotito Verde. Given this, José Luis Repenning replied: “In other words, by conjecture, you are saying that Carla Ballero also went through the box.” The situation generated a strong controversy on social networks and has been classified as a macho comment.

Faced with this situation, the former member of Morandé with Company, Carla Ballero, spoke on the Follow me and I follow you program on TV+ about her position on the matter. “I’m going to be super honest, right before I go to do my show in the morning, I channel surf all the matinees and I really like Priscilla and Repenning because I find them super entertaining.”said.

Ballero also expressed that he had not initially taken Repenning’s comment as offensive, but later realized the seriousness of the situation. “Then I thought about my children, this morning I said ‘he was misplaced’, because what is it like to ‘checkout’, then, honestly, then I do a much more in-depth analysis and I go on the fly”he claimed.

In addition, the communicator pointed out that on television language must be taken care of and respect for all people, regardless of their gender. “I think that you have to have respect for women and vice versa, we are at a time when we should all be equal,” Ballero concluded.