Look carefully at this sweet little boy in the photo: today we only talk about him

Check out the photo as a child of one of the most famous characters of the moment: his talent is conquering everyone, did you recognize him?

We haven’t talked about anything else for days: despite his young age, his talent as an artist is there for all to see, especially after the splendid test he recently gave of it.

Look carefully at this very tender baby in the photo: today we only talk about him (Instagram)

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What if we told you that it is a singer? His voice has made many fall in love for a long time, but in this period he conquered all of Italy thanks to his performance on one of the most prestigious stages in the musical field.

He is also very young, just 18 years old and comes from the province of Brescia. Also passionate about football, he had a past as a defender. Do you understand who he is?

His voice is conquering everyone: the beautiful child in the photo is just him

We obviously speak of Blancowinner of the Sanremo Festival 2022 paired with Mahmood: their song Chills has convinced the public and the jury since the first evening of the event and it was clear right from the start that at least they would get on the podium.

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Born on 10 February 2003, Riccardo Fabbriconi (this is his name in the registry office) broke a record with his victory at the Festival: it was in fact theyoungest male artist to have won the event.

His first song dates back to 2017 when in his bedroom he wrote the song to conquer a girl. Her models of inspiration are true myths like Celentano, Gino Paoli and Lucio Dalla.

In 2020 her first single is released is “Belladonna (Adieu)“ but the definitive success comes with You drive Me crazy“In 2021.

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Photo source: Instagram