Looking for a reconciliation?: Diego "Bun" Sánchez sent a tender message to Yamila Reyna

Diego Ignacio Sanchez Carvajalknown as the “Monkey” Sanchezwho is currently the goalkeeper of united coquimbo, is in the middle of a conflict in his personal life. Despite his great performance in the match against Palestino last weekend, in which he held to a one-goal tie, Sánchez seems to be going through a difficult time in his relationship with his partner, yamila reyna.

After the game, Sánchez surprised everyone by going to the TNT Sports cameras and sending a message to Reyna. “I hope Yamila is well, I love her very much,” said the goalkeeper.

However, the relationship between the two seems to be in crisis, especially after some “hot” conversations between Sánchez and another woman were made public. According to the entertainment expert, Cecilia Gutiérrez, Reyna would have ended the relationship as a result of this situation.

But Sánchez demonstrates his regret and responsibility by posting a message on his Instagram apologizing to Reyna. “Beyond a message of love, I must apologize for all the damage I have caused you in recent weeks,” the goalkeeper wrote.

“It’s a man to assume mistakes and apologize to those who fail. I only ask that you always continue to be the best and, as I told you, I will be your number one fan.”

The situation between Sánchez and Reyna remains uncertain, but one thing is certain, the goalkeeper has shown to be a man who accepts his mistakes and apologizes for his actions. Will there be a reconciliation between them? Only time will tell.