Lorella Boccia shows a corner of her house: that ‘detail’ will leave you stunned, fabulous!

Lorella Boccia showed a corner of her house: that ‘detail’ will undoubtedly leave you stunned, it’s truly fabulous!

After the great success of Made in Sud, shared with Clementino, Lorella Boccia is enjoying her holidays. Fresh from an incredible trip to Kenya, the former Amici dancer is back in full swing on Instagram, showing a corner of her house.

Lorella Boccia home. Credits: Instagram

Although her experience on the small screen has been completed, Lorella Boccia continues to never miss an opportunity to be seen by her supporters and to be able to communicate with each other. On Instagram, in fact, the splendid Neapolitan is followed by almost 1 million followers. And she, often and willingly, enjoys long chats with them. From the sweet moments spent with little Luce to photos of her in the company of her mother, Boccia loves sharing everything about her life with her audience. She did it even when she was on vacation, not failing to show up with her admirers and share everything with them.

Back home and arranged all the suitcases, Lorella Boccia wanted to show a corner of her house. In one of our articles, we told you something about the interior and exterior of her Roman home, but we had never seen this ‘detail’ just shown before. Are you curious to see it up close too? It is truly fabulous!

Lorella Boccia, have you seen that corner of the house too? Phenomenal!

Of Neapolitan origins, Lorella Boccia started riding the wave of success after participating in Amici. She was very young in her time, she has become widely known for her incredible talent, joining the ballet troupe of several TV shows immediately after her experience in talent. Dancer and presenter of a certain caliber, the beautiful Neapolitan boasts an impressive following even on her official social channel where she is really very popular. She too, however, on her side never misses an opportunity to interact with her ‘virtual’ public. And so, often and willingly, she enjoys bringing her admirers into her life. She did it too a few hours when through an IG story she shared a corner of hers home.

Lorella Boccia currently lives in Rome with her husband and little Luce, but have you ever seen where she lives? From the images shown on the social networks, it would seem that the couple lives in an independent villa in which you are missing nothing. Starting from an area where the former Amici dancer used to train up to an immense garden with a swimming pool, Casa Boccia-Presta is a dream. It is clear that the last ‘purchase’ shown also is. Look here:

home bowl
Boccia house corner. Credits: Instagram

For her home, Lorella has chosen an immense bookcase in dark wood with wooden shelves, but – apparently – lighter. In addition to noting the size of the piece of furniture, one cannot help but notice the different masks that rest on the shelves. In short, not only would it seem that there is an unbridled passion for reading, but also for African culture. For us it is 10 and praise, for you?