Lorella Boccia, that bad episode with her husband: the creepy post

Lorella Boccia, that bad episode with her husband: the creepy post, shared some time ago by the former Amici dancer.

The first of eight episodes of the new edition of Made In Sud went on the air yesterday. The Rai 2 comedy show is back with many characters ready to make us laugh and, above all, with a big news in the conduction: the couple formed by rapper Clementino And Lorella Boccia. Become famous thanks to the participation in the twelfth edition of Amici, today the Neapolitan dancer is also a talented presenter, very popular on social networks. Her Instagram channel has 830,000 followers and it is there that she shares the highlights of her days, from work shots to moments of daily family life. And, in the past, Lorella has also used social media to share delicate moments in her life …

Lorella Boccia, that bad episode with her husband: the creepy post, shared time (Instagram Credits)

In 2019, the former Amici dancer used social media to denounce a terrible episode which took place in Rome, while she was in the company of her husband Niccolò Presta. “I thought a lot, I didn’t know whether or not to do this post. Then I said to myself “vaff ******”. I want to scream it, I want to scream it in your face“: Thus began the long outburst of the presenter, who explained what had happened through a post on her social channels. Following the rest of her words.

Lorella Boccia, “I want to scream it”: that bad episode with her husband

A tremendous aggression, that suffered by Lorella Boccia and Niccolò Presta in theOctober 2019. Through her social channels, the presenter reported the incident, attaching some photos showing the signs of the attack and providing some details of those terrible moments. “You threatened my husband and me with a knife, cowards. You robbed us and as if that weren’t enough you mocked and attacked us“Wrote Lorella. That she does not hide her anger towards the attackers, whom she defines as “men of me ***”.

Despite her anger, Lorella ends the message with a sentence full of pride and hope: “We are just stronger now”.

lorella boccia
(Instagram Credits)

The post was met with an avalanche of comments from fans, friends and colleagues. Many did not hide the indignation for what happened, making the couple feel all their closeness and affection.