Lorella Cuccarini, the color of her nails reflects the summer: everyone will want it now

Lorella Cuccarini showed the color chosen for her nails: it’s crazy, it reflects the summer, now everyone will want it.

Are you ready to see her again in the teachers’ desks? Also Lorella Cuccarini – as well as Raimondo Todaro – is the new entry of Amici in recent years, but he immediately proved his incredible value, conquering. In a few months, she will again take on the role of singing teacher: what can we expect? We will surely see some good ones!

Lorella Cuccarini enamel. Credits: Instagram

Waiting to see her again on the small screen with Amici, Lorella Cuccarini continues to be very active on her official Instagram channel. Followed by almost 650,000 followers, the presenter loves having a direct relationship with her supporters. It was she, in fact, who anticipated something more about her about her return to Amici or who shared some image of her in her house. In short, the beautiful Cuccarini shares everything with her audience. It is precisely for this reason that – on the occasion of the arrival of August, which is the real ‘highlight’ month of the summer – the beautiful Lorella could not help but share the color chosen for her nails in anticipation of the holidays. Have you seen it too? It’s perfect for summer! We are sure that now everyone will want them.

The nail color chosen by Lorella Cuccarini is perfect for summer: everyone will imitate it

If just recently we showed you the nail polish chosen by Belen Rodriguez in perfect combination with a golden tan, the one Lorella Cuccarini wanted for her nails clearly reflects the summer. Most likely, Amici’s teacher is about to leave before dedicating himself body and soul to his students in the famous school of Maria De Filippi. And – to keep up with her holidays, the marine vibe and the scorching sun – she chose to give her nails an incredible color. Are you curious to see it too? We will show it to you immediately! One thing, however, we want to anticipate: you will fall in love with it so much that now all of you women will want to repeat it!

“It’s the color of summer!”, it is with these exact words that Lorella Cuccarini described the nail polish chosen for her nails. Have we intrigued you so much that now you can’t wait to see it? Look here:

lorella cuccarini nails
IG Story Cuccarini. Credits: Instagram

Really crazy, don’t you think? Lorella Cuccarini has opted for a decidedly summery color, perfect for any type of tan, and which has tones very similar to strawberry. For us the choice is 10 and praise, for you?

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