Lorella Cuccarini, the ‘tender’ background that binds her to Maria De Filippi: not everyone knows

Not everyone knows this ‘tender’ background that binds Lorella Cuccarini to Maria De Filippi: would you ever have imagined it? Incredible.

Lorella Cuccarini is one of Amici’s current singing teachers. Having joined the talent of Maria De Filippi during the last edition, the beloved presenter proved to be one of the pillars of the faculty.

Lorella Cuccarini and Maria De Filippi, the background that not everyone knows: what happened. Credits: Instagram

Talking about Lorella Cuccarini’s immense career is really impossible. She became part of this world when she was really young without even having completed her studies, the nice Roman was able to ride the crest of the wave in a real blink. And even now, years after her debut, she continues to be a beloved face. And her entry into the cast of Amici increased her incredible following even further. Initially as a dance teacher alongside Veronica Peparini and Alessandra Celentano, Lorella is currently alongside Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli. And with her incredible judges and assignments, she is one of the most loved professors in the entire history of Amici. By the way, do you know what Lorella Cuccarini told about Maria De Filippi? A truly ‘tender’ background that not everyone knows.

Lorella Cuccarini, incredible background on Maria De Filippi: her words

Before joining the cast of Amici, Lorella Cuccarini he had been the face of La Vita live alongside Alberto Matano, but we know very well that this was by no means a positive experience for her. The school of Maria De Filippi, instead, it not only represented a real rebirth, but also a kind of revenge. And that’s why the beloved presenter will never stop being grateful to the hostess of the talent. It is she who, several months ago, Cuccarini dedicated some creepy words, revealing a ‘tender’ background. And she wasn’t the only one who did it! Recently, Luciana Littizzetto also revealed an unprecedented background on the queen of Mediaset.

“But I think that the public must always know the truth and on this I never hold back”, Lorella Cuccarini began to tell in this virtual letter. Explaining that Queen Mery’s call came after a year in which she felt so tired, but above all disheartened by an environment that she, after 35 years, she could no longer recognize. “You threw open the doors for me, you showed me the unimaginable work you do behind the scenes. And you gave me space without fear, trusting, often leaving me carte blanche. In return, you didn’t ask for anything “, he said again.

Cuccarini De Filippi
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