Los Angeles, for the death of bishop David O’Connell arrested husband of domestic worker

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Los Angeles police have arrested a man as part of the investigation into the murder of David O’Connell, a 69-year-old auxiliary bishop who was found dead at home from a gunshot wound. The arrested person is Carlos Medina, 65, husband of the prelate’s domestic worker. According to the investigators, he may have been the one who killed the bishop. It is not yet known what the motive is, but an informant told authorities that he saw Medina acting strangely after the crime and claiming that the bishop owed him money.

The investigations

According to some witnesses, among the duties of the domestic worker there was also that of taking the dog out and sometimes it was her husband, the arrested man, who took care of it. The agents arrived in Medina after examining a video in which a car was seen near the prelate’s home in the Hacienda Heights neighborhood at the moments when he was killed. They thus searched the man’s house, finding weapons that are now under ballistics examination.

Who was David O’Connell

David O’Connell, originally from Ireland, had been a Catholic priest for 45 years. In 2015 he was appointed auxiliary bishop by Pope Francis. He was known for his outreach to the poor, marginalized and victims of gang violence. His nickname was “Pacemaker”, for the ability to reconcile conflicts in the community.