Los Angeles, police open fire in a shop and accidentally kill a 14-year-old

A LAPD officer shot a teenage girl to death in a Burlington clothing store in a fight that also killed one suspect and injured another. The girl was in a store in North Hollywood trying on dresses for a party. He was 14. A “devastating and tragic” accident for the police, which took place late Thursday morning, as reported in the Los Angeles Times.

The dynamics of the accident

An investigation has been opened. Preliminary information released by the LAPD indicated that police shots penetrated a wall, killing the 14-year-old girl in a locker room. Authorities said they found a metal cable next to the suspect they were confronting police officers with, but no guns were recovered. Agents responded at around 11:45 am to reports of a deadly weapon assault on the shop near Victory and Laurel Canyon avenues. At the shop, authorities met a man they said was attacking someone and opened fire. It was not immediately clear what prompted the officers to shoot. Another woman was injured and taken to a trauma center.