Lotito: “Betting? Let’s see cards, there is no official news”

the president of Lazio and senator of Forza Italia: “Gravina’s resignation? Results count in sport”

On the football betting scandal, “I have not followed the events and then it seems to me that they are news that are not yet formally recognized as official”. She said it the president of Lazio and senator of Forza Italia, Claudio Lotito, asked about the case on the sidelines of the assembly of the party’s local administrators at the Monza racetrack. A case of which “I don’t know the detail, I don’t know the situation”, says Lotito, who before talking about a ‘scandal’ suggests: “Let’s see the cards first, what we’re talking about, let’s see who it concerns”.

Looking at Lazio at home, “as far as the club is concerned, I have always fought for transparency, correctness, respect for the rules. I don’t know if these are current events or previous events, we will evaluate at the right time whether we have the cards available”.

“Gravina’s resignation? Results count in sport”

“In sport there should not be politics, but the concrete and factual evaluation of behavior and results. Sport is based on results and, therefore, ask yourself a question and give yourself an answer”, said the senator again, commenting on the request of the League of resignation of FIGC president Gabriele Gravina, following the betting scandal. “There are certainly problems that need to be addressed, we will evaluate the resignation from the League on the basis of what was requested”, said Lotito, then underlining that “they told me that the Democratic Party protects and defends the president of the Federation, so I would like to understand which are the reasons why the resignation is being asked for and what are the reasons why this defense is eventually made”.