Lotito: “Stadium Commissioner, the only solution to solve the problem”

The president of Lazio to Adnkronos: “We need a national, supra-local body that takes responsibility for the choices”

“A commissioner for stadiums? It is the only solution for building stadiums, only in this way can the problem be solved and what are unfortunately local interests overcome. There is a third person, above all, who evaluates things with detachment and objectivity. Otherwise in Italy, if we follow each territory it becomes a problem. In other countries they build them, from England to Turkey, only in Italy are we unable to do them.” Thus the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotitospeaks to Adnkronos on the appointment of a commissioner for stadiums in Italy, also in consideration of the possibility of obtaining the 2032 European Championships.

“The problem is to create a national, supra-local body that takes responsibility for the choices on the basis of some general directives that must be given. We have still been talking about stadiums for 30 years”, underlined the senator of Forza Italia Claudio Lotito present at the Berlusconi Day in Paestum.

Lazio stadium, the Flaminio is not the only hypothesis

“The Lazio stadium? This type of organization would greatly simplify new constructions. As regards the existing structures, in this case we have the Flaminio hypothesis but it is not the only hypothesis, should there be problems specific, unsurpassable, and I am referring to the number of spectators, the infrastructure and a whole series of requirements necessary for a club to invest in the stadium, we will find an alternative, which should not necessarily be in Rome but could also be in neighboring territories. Rome is surrounded by several municipalities, attached to the capital, such as Fiumicino, which has all the requirements to host a stadium. I didn’t say it had to be there, but it is an area that has the airport, the surface metro, the appearance suitable road, to make it clear what is needed”.

“We must overcome bureaucracy, if we don’t do so we will always be bogged down. I am someone who is fighting in Parliament, in the Senate in this case, to simplify, in compliance with the laws and rules, and to protect the collective interest. We want to do things to give certain times. Create the conditions on urban planning, fiscal and other issues, to simplify and put the citizen in a position to have what he is entitled to, and if he is not entitled to, to have an immediate negative response, without waiting years. I have made a rule – added Lotito – on the Superintendencies that within 90 days they must write an opinion, if it is not expressed, it is advocated by the director general of the ministry who has 30 days, then it can be subjected to disciplinary law and management. The problem now is simple. Politics must do the things that are needed and not the things that are convenient.”