Lotteria Italia, in the last 20 years ‘forgotten’ prizes for 30 million

In 2008-2009, a player from Rome did not collect a 5 million winnings

There are those who chase a millionaire winnings all their life, but in the history of the Italian Lottery there is no shortage of cases of sensational forgetfulness. In the last 20 years, as the Agimeg agency recalls, almost 30 million euros in premiums were not collected. The primacy (in the negative) belongs to the 2008-2009 edition, when a player from Rome did not collect the first prize of 5 million euros, then put up for grabs again the following year (and this time won and collected). That edition should also be remembered for the record for uncollected prizes, the total of which even reached 7 million euros.

In the 2015-2016 edition, more than 2.9 million euros were ‘forgotten’, including the second prize of 2 million euros won at San Nicola La Strada in the province of Caserta. But even in 2012 there was a sensational case of a forgotten win. In fact, the second prize of 2 million euros was never collected and in total there were almost 3 million left in the state coffers, while in 2014 1.7 million were forgotten, including the fourth prize finished in L’Aquila.