Low blow for her: “You’ve been with a 70-year-old for popularity”

It is again a clash at La Pupa and the Nerdy, a really low blow by the pupa: “You were with a 70-year-old for popularity”, what happened

We are now running out, we are moving towards the last episode of The Pupa and the Nerdy. During the episodes aired in recent weeks we have certainly witnessed incredible twists. Above all we were able to see how the various groups formed inside the Villa have then brought their discontent into the episode over the course of the weeks.

The Pupa and the Nerdy, tempers heat up: “You were with a 70-year-old for popularity”, what happened (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

One of the pupae contestants who certainly attracted attention is Mila Suarez who repeatedly found herself clashing with the other contestants in the game. Misunderstandings of various kinds, we know, arise, especially if it is a question of mentality and thought different from each other. The clash at that point becomes inevitable. During the last episode, a clip was aired in which it was seen that a group of competitors was there talking about a roommate making fun of them and making comments that aroused quite a bit of controversy in the studio. “You were with a 70-year-old just for popularity“, A low blow for the young girl who couldn’t take it anymore and blurted out!

Low blow to La Pupa and the Nerdy: “You’ve been with a 70-year-old for popularity”

To date it is unthinkable to believe that the misunderstandings between Mila Suarez and Maria Laura De Vitis come to a happy ending. TO La Pupa and the Secchionand, they were the protagonists of a disagreement that particularly animated the discussion between the two. Mila Suarez could not help but tell her about the previous relationship of Maria Laura De Vitis, ex of Paolo Brosio. “When she hears the name of Paolo Brosio it bothers her a lot because it means that she used it in the past only to go on television. I know Paolo Brosio and if Maria Laura is here today to do this program she must say thanks to Paolo Brosio ”.

Maria Laura’s outburst was not long in coming, the young woman was very resentful after seeing that the group thought like Mila: “Being ridiculed for the person I dated before I honestly don’t accept it. Especially because it came out of the mouth of a person who I consider zero here. I have never endured it and from today our relationship will never be able to reconnect“Said the young babe.

you were with a 70 year old
Credits Mediaset Infinity on Twitter

You called me a dead cat, but a dead cat it’s you who used other people. You were with a 70-year-old man and now you’re crying? Shame on you. It is useless to make these crocodile tears that are useless“Said Mila in a harsh outburst.

Maria Laura has come to La Pupa e il Nerio to make herself known and to be herself, therefore she does not intend to be known only as ‘the ex of Paolo Brosio’ so she invites us to stop talking about him and their relationship.