Luca and Paolo as you’ve never seen them before: here is the photo from many years ago

For 30 years Luca and Paolo have conquered the public with their gags, but perhaps you have never seen them when they were young: you will not believe your eyes.

They are the comedy duo who for a long time have made us laugh out loud when they appear on TV: brilliant, witty, prepared and very talented, Paolo Kessisoglu And Luca Bizzarri they have now become icons of Italian comedy. An irony that was never taken for granted brought them from the theater, where their career began in the 90s, to the small screen.

Luca and Paolo years ago: completely different from now (Credits: Youtube)

Here they have almost always had a leading role, often finding themselves at the helm of very popular programs such as Hyenas, Café room, Those who football, Jokes aside, Colorado. Together they also worked on several films: And then Mambo!, Immature, Immature – The journey, A boyfriend for my wife, Lucky breaks.

Many successes obtained side by side since 1996, when they began to combine their talents after having met five years earlier. It happened during the auditions to enter the company of the Teatro Stabile di Genova, the city from which they both come even if Kessisoglu has Armenian origins. Despite an initial approach that was not exactly idyllic, the two were able to later discover their great understanding on stage and also in real life.

We recently talked to you about the relationship between the two colleagues away from the cameras and it must be admitted that theirs is an interesting friendship in various respects. They have really known each other for many years and so many good and bad moments they shared. The public that has been following them with affection for some time, however, has perhaps never seen them when they were young. We show you a photo popped up on Instagram that will make your eyes widen!

Luca and Paolo unrecognizable: very different in this photo from years ago

Both very active on their respective social profiles, Luca and Paolo share moments of daily life, videos of their TV shows and much more with their followers. Just in these days, Bizzarri has published on his account a shot that portrays him with his friend when they were very young.

It was certainly the beginning of their artistic career, because it was the theatrical sphere that gave them the opportunity to meet. With his well-known irony, the actor wrote in the caption: “Sometimes I wonder how I managed to get out of it alive”, joking about the ‘fatigue’ of being next to Paolo for so many years.

As you can see immediately from the photo, they were really different from now: apart from the obviously more youthful features, the hair of both was very dark, but above all very curly!

Luca and Paolo years ago
Luca and Paolo, the photo from years ago: how they were (Credits: Instagram)

Since then Luca and Paolo have come a long way: are they irresistible to you too with their jokes?