Luca Madonia waiting for the Tenco Prize creates Franco Battiato’s playlist

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1) Pollution: it is the song that introduced me to Franco. For the first time, little boy,

I felt a provocative variant of Prog made by an Italian artist. Inside, in embryo, there was already everything that Franco would become: culture, an eye to the ecosystem and the awareness that the individual is a cog in the universe. Pure talent!

2) The animal: perfect analysis of the human feelings that lead us along our own

earthly path. All set to a delightful melody.

3) Summer on a solitary beach: indelible childhood memories of a Sicily that has sadly gone, but is so rich that it marked Battiato for the rest of his life. The longed-for escape from places that are perhaps too much loved.

4) The season of love: a very delicate analysis of falling in love, a languid awareness of how while growing up we always have the desire for the other, to experience love, to make our heart beat.

5) Nevsky Prospect: I was immediately struck by the melodic line of this piece, wonderful like the juxtaposition of the usual adolescent memories with St. Petersburg and its “Nevski Prospect”… and in any case the last verse “hard to find dawn inside dusk” is a splendid metaphor for rebirth after death.

6) Poor homeland: oh well what to say, impeccable analysis of the moral degradation of the classes

leaders who, thinking only of their interests, fearlessly devastate and humiliate our dignity!

7) And I’ll come looking for you: a way of spiritually approaching something high to overcome the falls of our time. Franco has always sought the essence of life to reach higher awareness! All seasoned with harmonic wonders on which to rest his magical voice.

8) Another life: the daily malaise, passively undergoing the violence of life

urban and the longing for another life. All exposed musically with extreme simplicity!

9) Permanent center of gravity: what can I say, brilliant! Very complicated stanzas with lyrics

abstruses that are resolved in an interposition that is a harmonic turn where he managed to make everyone sing a concept by Gurdjieff…chapeau!

10) The cure: perhaps the most beautiful and touching love song ever where we talk about

protection of the other without wanting anything in return. A sublime text born of a “being special” which Frank was!