Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrazova today: you reveal what their relationship is like

Many wonder how the relations between Luca Onestini and his ex Ivana Mrazova are today: this is what she revealed on social media.

Their story has captivated millions of fans who al GF Vip 2 they had gotten to know them even better. In the most spied house in Italy, between the former face of Men and women Luca Onestini and the beautiful Czech model Ivana Mrazova a beautiful friendship was born that blossomed into love only after the reality show ended.

What relations are Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrazova in today: this is what she reveals (Credits: Instagram)

The two were then together for about four years giving many emotions to the fans. Then, in August 2021, to everyone’s amazement, between them there was the farewell and the rumors about it suggested that they had not parted in the best way.

Luca announced the breakup with a post on Instagram which read: “We tried and tried again, we expected, supported but we came together to understand that unfortunately our paths must divide. The estimate remains, the good too “.

For her part, Ivana had intervened with an Ig story partially denying what was declared by her ex-boyfriend: “As you have seen from Luca’s post, our story is unfortunately over. However, I think we have not been ‘expected and supported’. I think we couldn’t handle something that was beautiful ”.

In short, on the causes of the separation, the two did not seem to agree in full so it was legitimate to think that they had not broken up very well. But how are things today?

Ivana Mrazova answers a question about the former Luca Onestini: what is their relationship with today

The former gieffina has recently opened a question box on Instagram and a user asked her if relations were good between her and the ex of Soleil Sorge. Surprisingly, Ivana replied: “Many are asking me about Luca. In any case, yes, we are on good terms “.

Perhaps also thanks to the time that has elapsed, any tensions between the two will have dissolved. Also, when Teddy died a few months ago, the Ivana’s little dogOnestini made a dedication to the four-legged friend on social media and maybe this circumstance could have brought them closer together.

Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrazova today
Credits: Instagram

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