Luca Zingaretti makes his directorial debut in the film The House of Eyes

Action. After the first approaches to directing in a couple of episodes of the drama Commissioner Montalbanoon 18 September Luca Zingaretti debuted behind the camera in Rome to direct the film The house of glances. The film, based on the novel of the same name by Daniele Mencarelli (also author of the book that won the 2020 Premio Strega Giovani Everything asks for salvationwhich in turn inspired a Netflix TV series), he says Marco’s story, a 20-year-old boy who has a great ability to feel, to sense and to empathize with the pain of the world and who writes poetry and seeks “forgetfulness” in alcohol and drugs, a state of unconsciousness that is impenetrable even to anguish to exist and live. Zingaretti wrote the screenplay together with Gloria Malatesta, Stefano Rulli and Mencarelli himself.


Marco drinks a lot, too much. He is fleeing from pain, but above all from himself, and in order to live he must anesthetize himself. He is incapable of “being” in things, unless the alcohol level in his blood is very high. He has distanced himself from his friends and girlfriend, all frightened by his desire to destroy himself. Even the father, witness to his slow suicide, is incapable of managing so much suffering but at least tries to “be there”, while the mother has been missing for a few years and has left a great void. When Marco starts working in the Bambin Gesù cleaning cooperative, convinced that the experience of contact with sick children will kill him, he will understand how important it is to fight to live and enjoy every single moment of existence.


The cast ranges between the protagonists of the film Gianmarco Franchini (also actor in the film Slowly by Stefano Sollima) Federico Tocci, Riccardo Lai, Alessio Moneta (also actor in the TV series Everyone’s fine at home), Chiara Celotto, Marco Felli And Cristian Di Sante.