Lucarelli: “Soumahoro’s wife chooses Borrè, Priebke’s former lawyer”

And the controversy started on social media

“Liliane Murekatete, Soumahoro’s wife, entrusted herself to Lorenzo Borrè, Priebke’s former lawyer. Someone should explain to her that even among designer lawyers there was something better, in terms of communication”. The journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli writes it on Twitterunleashing various controversial reactions on social media, for and against, his stance.

“As a lawyer, this time I don’t agree with you, Selvaggia. We have a duty to legally represent and defend the Client and we are not, in any way, associated with his conduct or proceedings. Each lawyer then has his own communication style”, the tow immediately @MirkoMelluso. She intervenes in response to the lawyer and Lucarelli, @BettoMandolini “Curiosity, has there ever been a defense lawyer who, faced with the evidence, logically discovered later, abandoned his client?”.

And the trail continues with Emily74: “Perhaps some lawyers could choose not to accept assignments even if they are important from the media, if the person is objectively indefensible (Priebke). Everyone responds to their own conscience and yes there is a communication problem”. And then with @fantprecario: “Precisely because it is indefensible, it must have a lawyer. There are those who got themselves killed to defend the red brigade despite knowing they were going to the gallows and being against their ideas. It’s called justice”.

Questions and answers go on: “Put it this way, I wouldn’t defend a Mr Priebke, I wouldn’t make it”, says Emily74. And again: “The personal question here is irrelevant. Free to choose the client. For example, I would never defend someone from Italy alive. What matters is that everyone, even Veltroni if ​​accused, must have the right to a fair trial”, says @fantprecario . The list of mutual barbs between those who think like Lucarelli and those who don’t is still long. And there are those who turn up their noses so much that they write, as @JonnyFirebead does: “But now a lawyer is ‘judged’ by his clients? And what should we think of Lucarelli’s lawyers?”.