Lucart with the Green Heroes, an urban park on confiscated land

The project for San Giuseppe Jato, in Sicily, named after little Giuseppe Di Matteo, victim of organized crime, was presented

Lucart and the Green Heroes of Alessandro Gassmann and the Kyoto Club will give an urban park to San Giuseppe Jato, the first in the town in the province of Palermo, named after little Giuseppe Di Matteo, a very young victim of organized crime. The initiative was presented at the Lucart stand at the Ecomondo fair in Rimini.

The park, which was born from the will of the three current commissioners of the municipal administration Esther Mammano, Federica Nicolosi and Susanna Conte, will see the light within a few weeks thanks to the contribution of 18 heroes: Alisea, Andriani, Arte Agricola, AzzeroCO2, Bikesquare, Consorzio Cic , ÈNostra, Cooperativa Felici da matti, Gees Recylcing, LeGreenhouse, Lucart, Light Shop, Officina Naturae, Palm, Piante Faro, Power Cruise Control, Studio Fieschi, Sumus Italia, Teon. It will then be inaugurated on 11 January 2023 to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the death of the young Di Matteo to whom it is dedicated.

“The initiative of the Di Matteo park in San Giuseppe Jato is just one of the expressions of the commitment of our green heroes, the entrepreneurs who put the well-being of our planet, workers and people first – comments Annalisa Corrado , co-creator with Alessandro Gassmann of Green Heroes – The simple gesture of renaturalizing an area like this, through the planting of 260 shrubs and trees, will give breath to a community that has had to deal with the presence of organized crime and which, until now, did not have a green lung within its territory “

The Green Heroes are over 130 entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs selected by the Kyoto Club and by the actor Alessandro Gassmann who have been able to do economics and give work by focusing on social responsibility, defense and enhancement of the environment in the context of the circular economy and ecological transition.