Lucia Dello Russo elected president of Un.I.Coop, the first woman to lead a cooperative movement

Appointment decided unanimously during the IV National Congress. Urso: “It’s a strong signal, in a moment of transition that requires epochal changes, inside and outside companies”

Lucia Dello Russo she was unanimously elected president of the Italian Cooperative Union during the IV National Congress, which was held in Rome. She is the first woman to hold a role leading a cooperative movement in Italy. Among the themes at the center of the event, the challenges and opportunities arising from sustainable cooperation. A note communicates this.

“I am honored to hold this position, I would therefore like to express my thanks to those who wanted to place their trust in me. Today’s discussion represents a precious opportunity to grow as an organization”, declared Dello Russo on the occasion of the congress. “Among the priority initiatives to strengthen our associates is first and foremost the fight against false cooperation by starting a collaboration with Mimit for the restoration of legality safeguards and the defense of employment. In order to increase the ‘value’ of production corporate, moreover, the intends to act as a point of reference in the socio-economic transformation processes aimed at mitigating environmental risksencouraging both the alignment of transformation projects with the EU taxonomy and the collection of certified data on the sustainability of production chains, in line with the ‘farm to fork’ strategy”.

“One of the major difficulties that hinders the sustainability of cooperatives – the president recalled – it is linked to access to credit, which is often difficult due to undercapitalization and excessively high interest rates. In this regard, it is necessary to strengthen the subsidized finance instruments and introduce new ones by supporting the development of innovative financial instruments or hybrid financial instruments oriented towards social impact, strengthening the mutual exchange towards members, providing for a tax-advantaged treatment of social loans and strengthening the rewarding regime regarding productivity pay, while enhancing human capital”, he concluded.

For Adolfo Urso, Minister of Business and Made in Italythe fact that for “the first time a woman in the world of cooperatives assumes the top position it is a strong signal, in a moment of transition that requires epochal changes, inside and outside companies. Over time the cooperative sector has grown, playing an important role. In order to guarantee fair competition, the Ministry intends to strengthen interventions aimed at combating the phenomenon of false cooperatives, which is why I welcome your proposal to collaborate for an even stronger system to protect employment and to combat those who they use illicit systems. Training can play an essential role in stemming degenerative phenomena underlying false cooperation. The culture of legality and safety are essential levers for investing in the social responsibility of those who work. Mimit supports cooperatives also because it believes that this type of enterprise can express the concept of modern growth, putting people at the center rather than profits”, concluded Urso.

While congratulating Claudio Durigonundersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies: “A historic day because it sees a woman, for the first time, at the top of a cooperative movement in Italy. The Government is open to discussion and evaluation of the projects that Un.i will present .coop. for the relaunch of “healthy cooperation”, to protect the legality and transparency of the cooperative system in our country also in view of the 2030 Agenda and the implementation of the Pnrr”.