Lucila Vit blew up the net in a miniskirt and sports top

María Lucila Vit Lepíscopo, better known as Lucilla Vit, is an Argentine nationalized Chilean model and presenter. She is known for her participation in the program “Yingo” and other Chilean television programs, but her fame spread to social networks where she has a large fandom.

Lucila Vit posing. Source: Instagram @lucilavit

Lucila Vit currently stands out for being a personal trainer who shares her activity on digital platforms. in your account instagram He has more than 1.3 million followers who he drives crazy with each of his posts. It is that not only her beauty captivates the viewers, but her stylized body transforms her into a filigree.

Lucila Vit posing. Source: Instagram @lucilavit

While the beautiful model shares her fit life on social networks, rumors of a wedding with her partner, former soccer player Rafael Olarra, have intensified in recent days. At the end of March, both were present at the wedding of Olarra’s sister and at the time the tradition of the bouquet took place, it was Lucilla Vit who managed to catch it in his hands so they could be the next to say “yes, I want”.

Lucila Vit’s post on Instagram

In the last hours, Lucila Vit returned to revolutionize the social network from the camera with a series of photographs and a video with which she showed off in a miniskirt and a sports top. In a matter of minutes, the publication began to be filled with likes and compliments such as “What a beautiful woman”, “Precious”, “Always beautiful”, “Splendid and beautiful athlete” and “A preciousness”, among others.

Along with the images on Instagram, Lucilla Vit wrote: “International Sports Day is coming up and I don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank @reebokchile for accompanying me at all times for several years. Don’t stop moving, don’t give up either and it’s never too late to start. The recommendation made a deep impression on those who follow it and consider it an example to follow.