Lucila Vit elevated the trend in a lace ensemble

Lucila Vit, known for her presence on social media, recently stood out not only for her style but also for her moving message in the midst of a difficult time. The influencer elevated the fashion trend by sharing a story on her Instagram in which she wore an elegant red lace ensemble.

Lucila Vit. Source: Instagram @lucilavit

However, this act of style and elegance came at a time when Lucila also shared deeply sad news with her followers. Last week, the young woman confirmed the unexpected death of her father through her social networks. The message she shared on instagram It was emotional, where he mourned the loss and expressed his pain in a moving way.

A week later, Lucilla addressed the situation again, but this time in a live broadcast. During this moment, he revealed a surprising detail about his father’s departure. It turns out that the tragic loss occurred during a family vacation in Punta Cana. This unexpected turn of events made his grieving even more complicated.

Despite the difficult days you have experienced, Lucilla He urged his followers to move forward and remember the importance of valuing people in life. He thanked his followers for the support and energy they gave him during these difficult times.

Lucila Vit. Source: Instagram @lucilavit

In his message, he highlighted the importance of living in the present and appreciating those close to us, reminding everyone that life can be fragile and that it is essential to value the moments we share with our loved ones. Lucila Vit Not only does she elevate trends with her style, but she also inspires her followers to embrace life and stay strong in the midst of adversity. His message of love, gratitude and resilience is a valuable example for all of us.