Lucio Dalla, “Tutta la vita” is staged in Bologna for the 80th anniversary of his birth

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A special evening dedicated to Lucio Dalla will be held on Saturday 4 March 2023 at 20:30 at the Bologna Auditorium, presented on the bill with the title of Lifetime. It is a special event dedicated to the genius of Italian songwriting, celebrated for what are the eightieth anniversary of his birth with a unique concert in which the virtuosos of the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna will compete with the most beautiful songs of the vast repertoire that Dalla has left us.
The collaboration between the Teatro Comunale di Bologna and the Fonoprint studios will begin with the celebration of Lucio Dalla’s art, with the BMA Bologna Musica d’Autore scouting, which has reached its seventh edition this year.

March 4 – which is exactly the date that marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of the Bolognese singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist – is the day on which his city decided to celebrate his late minstrel, doing it in his own way, in the way of Lucio : a musical party.

You will hear the original arrangements created for the occasion by Valentino Corvino, conductor of the Orchestra who will accompany the voices of some of the most original exponents of new Italian music, as well as several operatic trumpets.
Among the protagonists of this unmissable evening there will be talents who are inspired by Dalla’s poetics. The artists who will follow one another on the stage of the Bologna Auditorium are those who have demonstrated that they have a precise mission in common: to continue to make the heritage of culture and passions very high, timeless ballads, highly topical lyrics, musical solutions that they continually go beyond the ‘song form’. They learned this lesson from him, from Lucio.
And the TCBO Children’s Choir will not be missing either.

Born on March 4, 1943, Lucio Dalla would have turned eighty tomorrow if unfortunately he hadn’t passed away on March 1, 2012, destiny wanted just three days before his sixty-ninth birthday. Dalla died suddenly, struck down by a heart attack while staying at the Hotel Plaza in Montreux, a Swiss town home to one of the most important music festivals in the world, the Montreux Jazz Festival, where he had performed the previous evening.

From Emma Nolde to Erika Mou, there are many protagonists of the evening

On the stage of the auditorium and Teatro Manzoni, Emma Nolde, Erika Mou, Lyl, Nostromo, Fabio Curto, Claudia Ceraulo and Kazuki Yoshida, among others, will follow one another.

Each of them was entrusted with a song by Lucio Dalla, for an evening conceived precisely in the spirit of the singer-songwriter: Dalla has always combined his creative experience with that of enhancing new talents, which he discovered and brought to success. Lucio Dalla was a true diviner of talent, able to find it anywhere.

The video contributions of friends and colleagues, from Ron to Gianni Morandi

The songs will be linked together by a series of video contributions from artists, friends and close collaborators of Lucio Dalla. There will be Maurizio Biancani, Ron, Gianni Morandi, Tobia Righi and Gaetano Curreri.

The project that aims to “bring unique and unrepeatable musical events to Bologna”

“The collaboration between the Fonoprint group and the Fondazione Teatro Comunale begins in 2023” says Giacomo Golfieri, CEO of Fonoprint. “Together we want to bring unique and unrepeatable musical events to Bologna, which can only be experienced in our city. Let’s start with the first edition of an appointment that will pay homage to a great author of Italian music every year in a show with a strong impact that will tell the artist’s repertoire every time, in this first edition Lucio Dalla”.

An annual tribute to an exponent of Italian songwriting

Lifetime presented on March 4, it marks the first stage of the road that Fonoprint and the Teatro Comunale di Bologna have chosen to undertake together. A common path that will lead to the creation, every year, of a tribute to an exponent of Italian songwriting. And the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Lucio Dalla’s birth could only make him choose for the first date.
On the other hand (an expression that fits perfectly in Dalla’s case) the relationship between the Teatro Comunale and Lucio Dalla has always been very close. Both with the presence of the artist as a director of works that were staged there, such as Beggar’s Opera, Peter and the Wolf (where he was also the protagonist as an interpreter) e Pulcinella and Harlequinand subsequently, for example, contributing with his archives to the traveling exhibition of 2022.

From “Piazza grande” to “Le rondini”, the program for tomorrow’s evening

Below you will find the complete program of tomorrow evening’s event in Bologna.

Tickets – which cost between 10 and 20 euros – are on sale online through Vivaticket and at the ticket office of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna.

Dear | What joy

(Emma Nolde)
Sailing train | Tango

1983 | Washington

The swallows | Big square

(Fabio Curto)
The evening of miracles | Caruso

(Fabio Curto and Students of the Opera School)
4-03-1943 | The house by the sea

(Erica Mou)
Song | The giant and the little girl | Beware of the Wolf

(Erica Mou and Children’s Choir)
Anne and Mark | Happiness


Guided tours of the Fonoprint studios

For Sunday 5 March, the day after the special evening entitled Lifetimeit will be possible to book guided tours to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and creative dimension in which the masterpieces of Italian songwriting were born.

After the success of the previous editions – which have always been sold out – the guided tours are back with a special appointment in memory of Lucio Dalla, who was a partner of the Fonoprint studios, and where he recorded some of his masterpieces such as Carusoboth in the original version and in the one with Luciano Pavarotti.
Is exactly Caruso in duet with Pavarotti it will be one of the highest fidelity listenings, as it is possible to enjoy only in a recording studio. Songs like will also be heard 1983, You are never enough for me And Henna.
In the mastering studio, in an even more immersive sound dimension, visitors will be enveloped by the beauty of two other compositions among the most beautiful by Lucio Dalla: How deep the sea is And Song.

From Vasco to Luca Carboni, the history of Italian music starts from Fonoprint

From the beginnings of Vasco Rossi to the records of Samuele Bersani, from the most famous albums of Luca Carboni to the works of Lucio Dalla, the Fonoprint studios are the reference point for the most original and creative Italian music. Timeless songs have been recorded here, starting with the heartbreaking Caruso by Lucio Dallafsino to Zucchero’s most international album, Blues.

Among large mixers, digital machines and analogue devices, today Fonoprint is a ‘Museum of sound and song’ and opens its doors to the public who will have the unique opportunity to share the spaces and tools that have allowed so many ideas to become songs entered in the history of Italian popular culture.

Paola Cevenini leads the guided tours

The guided tours, conducted by Paola Cevenini, a member of Fonoprint since the beginning and ‘historical memory’ of the studies, will lead visitors to discover a difficult to access ‘behind the scenes’ of one of the central places of ‘making music’ in Italy.
You will come into contact with the magic of impressive equipment, mixer desks, an incredible quantity of analog machines, a journey at the same time in the transformation of recording techniques and in the many events related to the artists, from Lucio Dalla to Vasco Rossi, who made of Fonoprint the ‘home’ of Italian music.
Each listening is accompanied by the story of what happened in the studio while working on those songs.

At the end of Sunday 5 March, the book will be presented at 5pm From the. How deep the sea is Journey into the soul of a great poet (TS Editions) by Enrico Impalà.