Ludovica Valli in ‘soap and water’ version: without make-up it’s just like that

The beauty of Ludovica Valli is well known to the public of Men and Women and also to the social people, but how many have seen her without makeup?

The general public got to know her thanks to programs such as Men and women And Temptation Island: it was the 2015/2016 season when, at just 18 years old, Ludovica Valli he landed as a tronista at the famous Canale 5 dating show. Here, at the end of the journey, he chose the suitor Fabio Ferrara. The two broke up shortly after and in the meantime the success of her like influencer increased, to make it one of the most followed social faces.

Ludovica Valli shows herself without makeup (Credits: Instagram)

For a time the sister of Beatrice Valli she was engaged to the personal trainer Federico Accorsi. Subsequently she was the protagonist of some gossip that wanted her paired with the former student of Friends Matteo Brig (rumor later denied) and with Antonio Mirante, player of Bologna. It is in 2019 that Ludovica’s love life finally finds stability: that year, in fact, the former tronista meets Gianmaria De Gregorio and from the relationship their first child was born in 2021 Anastasia.

Just last month, the gorgeous 25-year-old from the province of Reggio Emilia announced that she was pregnant for the second time. Despite a few days in which she didn’t feel very fit, Ludovica now seems to be doing much better. Even more beautiful than usual now that she is pregnant again, she continues to enchant followers with stunning shots on her Instagram profile.

Although we are used to always seeing her at the ‘top’, with super glamorous look and make-up, Ludovica does not hesitate to show herself to the even in ‘soap and water’ version. The result? Simply incredible!

Ludovica Valli, as it is without makeup: you will not believe your eyes

Knowing his sisters Beatrice and Eleonora, with whom she grew up in an all-female family after their father left home when they were little, it soon becomes clear that Ludovica’s beauty is a real family brand. In addition to the many shots of the various photo shoots of which she is the protagonist, on her Instagram profile she also shares various moments of daily life with her partner and her daughter.

Like all mothers with small children, she too is always busy and pregnancy certainly makes everything a bit more tiring. Ludovica, however, remains wonderful too when she is without make-up, completely natural. In some recent Ig stories, she appeared in a ‘soap and water’ version and without filters, as many famous women are doing in this period. Well, it is noted that the former tronista could easily afford to do without foundation, eye shadows, mascara and so on: smooth skin without imperfections, large and bright eyes, perfect smile.

Ludovica Valli without makeup
Ludovica Valli social natural (Credits: Instagram)

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