Ludwig, between lightheartedness and generational anxieties… it’s The Same Thing

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Ludwig raises the bar once again and this time at the gates of the hottest season: Friday 12 May the new single is released The same thing (distribution ADA Music Italy), produced by Danusk And CELO, which inaugurates the new live season of the Roman artist. The uptempo song, a concentration of pop/dance sounds and rock/punk nuances, winks at summer 2023 and has all the credentials to be the new catchphrase to vibes radio-friendly, which is preparing to climb the charts of the most listened to songs in the coming months. Between short and fleeting summer loves, without rhetorical romanticisms The same thing presents us with a Ludwig more aware of his musical potential, who confirms once again that he is able to mix sounds and atmospheres with a fresh and carefree writing, to evoke stories of liquid feelings, moments lived fully between nights that have no duration, adrenaline-pumping looks and relationships that are born and fade away. The same thing it tastes of parties by the sea, of generational anxieties, of ephemeral moments that explode in clubs; aware that, at sunset of another summer, there will be another train, another ride. Written by Ludovico Franchitti, Francesco Sponta, Fabio Pizzoli, Maximilian Dello Preite and composed by Pietro Celona and Daniele Autore, Daniele Autore (guitars), Pietro Celona (synth) played in the song.