Luigi Di Maio attacks Matteo Renzi: “He is already in the center right”

The foreign minister says that the leader of Italia Viva “is looking to the center-right and we have seen it with the Zan bill”. Then he accuses: “They are only counting in view of the elections for the President of the Republic. In this moment the national interest should prevail. “In the evening the leader of the M5s Giuseppe Conte added:” Crushing Iv on cdx is a topic to be addressed “.

Luigi Di Maio accuses Matteo Renzi of being in the center right. “Surely he is already in the center-right and we saw him with the Zan Ddl”, said the Foreign Minister, speaking in Pescara during the presentation of his book “A love called politics” in the context of FLA – Festival of Books and Altrecose ” . According to Di Maio, “the measure they voted today or the Zan Ddl has nothing to do with it. this moment above all on the election of the President of the Republic the national interest should prevail “.

Di Maio on the next President of the Republic

“The national interest – continued the minister – should be to identify a person, I am thinking of the presidency of the Republic, who can be the guarantor of the Constitution and the values ​​it contains. There is a majority that is made up as you can see and that essentially sees in this parliamentary majority Meloni, Salvini, Berlusconi and Renzi together. “Di Maio concluded by saying:” We will have to get used to seeing what it was in the coming years a trio that today is a quartet. And best wishes because the four of them have four different ideas both on the Quirinale and on what to do in this country, so much so that we see it all the time and it doesn’t surprise me that Matteo Renzi is looking to the center right “.

Conte: crushing Iv on the center-right is a topic to be addressed

In the evening, the leader of the M5s, Giuseppe Conte, also spoke on the theme: “More than the government, I am very concerned about the orientation of the majority that is being defined and the crushing of Iv on the center-right. The risk that these maneuvers that are expressed on individual amendments may prelude to an agreement in view of the election, there is. I do not know if that of Iv is a tactical maneuver in view of the election to the Quirinale but it is a question that we must face in the light of the sun “.